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  1. Hello, Im looking for Tournament event 2v2 , 4v4 , 9v9 for l2jacis Inbox me with the prices *Only Skilled Developers, **"developers" that want to waste my time just dont contact me. Thanks in advance
  2. Anyway you have +1 from me keep up the good work mate u deserve it.
  3. deMEV can u share any map modification for interlude? anything new?
  4. that wasnt meant for u brotha, it was for vorfine.
  5. Why u no discuss this with Maxtor? really why u no? cause givin 80 euros for unban hurts a lil.
  6. Actually it is, but i dont get the wrong being user/mod in another forum... this is leaguesharp what can u actually leech from mxc for fuks sake?
  7. Crap forum? not really... crap people? hell yea. Hello vorfin. im 100% pretty sure that nobody will give a single fuk about your new rule opinion. Also why do i have to use scripts to win a game roflmao im not vorfin, get out of bronze mate :)
  8. I wanna give a feedback for this share, Nice job. People can invite others to party now easier and faster. it has some cons but nevermind nothing is perfect.
  9. i could lick ur balls if u had but sry mate. So the one thing that makes me nervous is too see u around bitchin on this forum with random posts, what u wanna prove? u wanna show on moderators that actually u are usefull for something? keep it for u mate.
  10. U mofo, dont talk with guys like elfo cause u are in the same league with them u dont even have a league, just do us a favor and lick some balls thats your talent so dont fuk around and if anyone wants to be in another forum or has an account in a forum similar to mxc thats his choice mofo do u understand?
  11. Dunno whats goin on but i cant send or read any message theres no option behind signout button to send message someone is fucking with me.
  12. Actually i think that i could add this to noria too.