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  1. The only thing that keeping in the shadows this forum is that you focus on lineage 2 you have to move on guys lineage it's completely dead you don't even play this game anymore and i think your policy it's completely wrong. Put new games and categories you must synchronize yourself with the new era we aren't on 2010 anymore. Last year i was telling you many times "put FiveM" you ignored me before FiveM get hyped and now after one and a half year you thinking about it. Just move on! :)
  2. 1. Lucera it's a nice project but it's closed source you must create your own extansions if you got the knowledge of course and its hard coded source. 2. OVH sucks bad machines/support some times they selling you vps as dedicated and much more. 4. Propably this guy want's a website connected with server features something like the atual studio templates etc.
  3. Μόνο που εγώ δεν είμαι Tragic ούτε και ρουφ σαν κάποιες ψυχές ;)
  4. Βάλε ένα όνομα της προκοπής
  5. @Ugleethyn Ο Duke είναι τούτος?
  6. Thanks for share it elfo unfortunately the shares on l2j board have stopped for a long time..
  7. FiveM categories for sure i've been impressed by its impact lately, the community has increased and the servers as well and i think maxtor should take advantage of that!