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  1. I would like 2-3 skills from Grand Crusade into a lower client and 1-2 npc's. I opened Grand Crusades npcgrp.dat but there were only numbers and not any textures like those previous clients.I am not realy into client thing. Obviously same goes for the skills and animation. Any help will be welcomed,even with payment with a logic price.Thanks in advance.
  2. So i was just testing some things out on my Gracia Final home server and i made some new cool transformations. Alright the thing is,the transform is working but then i wanted to add some new skills inside the transform. I went and edited the transformation.java at Filezilla and added the new skills there. The problem is,the retail skills of the transformation are working.The new ones i added under them are not working. On my GM char they are working all the skills when i transform but on normal chars the new skills that i added are not working.I mean i dont have them on normal chars bu
  3. says it had virus and that only the owner can download it.Check the screen from the guy above.Any other links?
  5. Still,butthurted But please throw me that bullshit on my face ''only primes are botting'' We bot big,we farm bigger we fuck you harder. Get a life and let primes for a fucking sec. jezus christ
  6. So much drama for nothing. ''My server is better than yours'' ''I am better and more skilled developer than you'' ''Primes fault for my server being totally a crap but lets not face it and blame others'' Like..come on..If any of the server you talk about was good,they would still be online like L2Pride was for so many fucking years. You cant and you wont do what Dav did. You never will. Grow up,create a server from scratch and try to attract different communities,not pride ones. As Tectonic said above in a post,Pride's community grew up,dont ''build'' ur server on us. Going on forums sayin
  7. Will give it a chance.Seems promising and the idea is good.Lets see
  8. After 4 years we will play a decent server. Cu in game.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w356M1ZmlNE Thats how the old L2WarGate was.think before you post please. I am sure L2Glory will be far better.Will try it for sure :D
  10. Not my server...I am just advertising for more ppl... http://www.l2oldpride.com/ this! :troll:
  11. Lineage2 Absolution - Interlude PvP x5000 - start 3.05.2013 Rates: Xp 5000x. Sp 5000x. Aden 5000x. Drop 1x. PartyXp 2x. PartySp 2x. Starting character level - 80. Enchant rates: Safe enchant +5. / Max enchant +16. Normal enchant scrolls chance - 75% Server features: No custom items. Main town - Giran. Castle sieges. Wedding system. Special farming & PvP zones. Full NPC buffers. Max count of buffs - 40. Max subclasses - 3. Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub