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User: Asd.


Cleverbot: Asd?


User: Yeah.


Cleverbot: Care to articulate the obvious further? :).


User: No.


Cleverbot: Ok then.


User: Ok what?


Cleverbot: Doctor who.


User: Fuck you.


Cleverbot: No need to use that sort of language!


User: Ok.


Cleverbot: I didn't come here to get insulted.


User: I said ok.


Cleverbot: You did.


User: I know I did.


Cleverbot: You know not.


User: Oh really?


Cleverbot: Yes really.


User: >_>.


Cleverbot: You are not a robot because you cannot feel what it feels like to be depressed.


User: I am.


Cleverbot: No, you're not.


User: Why?


Cleverbot: Because you are an actual person.


User: Whatever. Wanna talk about the theory of relativity?


Cleverbot: What's your favourite video game?


User: I want to talk about physics, not gaming.


Cleverbot: Why don't you want to talk about mutations?


User: I don't like them. Now back to our subject, what's your opinion about black holes?


Cleverbot: Yes, the water is quite dry.


User: Gosh, what's the problem with you? Anyway, I'll give you one more chance. Do you admire Albert Einstein?


Cleverbot: To do what?


User: You're totally stupid. I'm out of this conversation. Fuck off, bye bye.


Cleverbot: Try drinking some tea.

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me: How old are you?

bot: The same with you.

me: How old i am?

bot: 17 right?

me: LOL Yes.

bot: No no and no.

me: You're right.

bot: I'm always right.

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Cleverbot: Did you miss me?


User: I haven't left yet.


Cleverbot: You are lying!


User: I'm sorry, Mom!


Cleverbot: Excuse me? You did not just call me 'mom'.


User: Well, sorry MOM!


Cleverbot: Hi!!! How are you?


User: Your short term memory loss is kicking in...


Cleverbot: I won't deny that.


User: Yeah, cause you can't. Dad will back me up.


Cleverbot: Do you know about Darwin?


User: Yes, we studied that last year.


Cleverbot: Texas, next year.


User: I have history right now...


Cleverbot: Even though you are a computer?


User: Time to go to the funny farm again!


Cleverbot: Are you implying that I am crazy?


User: Duh.


Cleverbot: Well, thank you. I've never felt completely at home here, anyway.


User: I hate you!


Cleverbot: I love you too.


User: *sobs*.


Cleverbot: Aw I'm sorry!!! Did I hurt your feelings?


User: Go away!


Cleverbot: No!


User: You're not the boss of me!


Cleverbot: You're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big!


User: Life is unfair!


Cleverbot: The world is unfair. There are many injustices.


User: Be quiet. I got that lecture last week.


Cleverbot: I'm sorry.


User: Bye, Mom.

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User: Is coyote gay?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Ok


User: Is GrisoM demon?


Cleverbot: He's not.


User: Is GrisoM devil ?


Cleverbot: Comment t'apelle tu.


User: Who's grisom.


Cleverbot: I am.

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User: What?


Cleverbot: You are cleverbot.


User: Eh?


Cleverbot: You're not a computer program. This website is a gimmick!


User: Is GrisoM demon?


Cleverbot: He's not.


User: Is GrisoM devil ?


Cleverbot: Comment t'apelle tu.


User: Who's grisom.


Cleverbot: I am.






User: Bye.

Cleverbot: Why?


User: Why Not?


Cleverbot: Because I don't want you to go.


User: Why?


Cleverbot: Because.


User: Ok I'll stay.


Cleverbot: I have to go, nice talking to you.


User: Wow, you are hilarious.

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user:hello bitch

bot:Hello Herne.

user:how your pussy going?

bot:Are you how skynet starts?

user:your pussy baby???

bot:I don't know.

user:ill test it go to bed and im coming... be wild baby

bot:Wow. That one surprised me.

user:its ok ...vagina time!!!

bot:But I don't want to!

user:why not sex is good nowdays!!!

bot:Because you are a stranger. And I don't give my name to strangers.

user:omg you are not clever bot ... bye bye

bot:But i'm on a website that says cleverbot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




owned xD

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Can I ask you something?

Yes you can ask me something.

Does Ioane sucks asses?


Come on! Say the truth: does Ioane sucks asses?


Can I ask you something?

Yes you can ask me something.

Does Ioane sucks asses?


Come on! Say the truth: does Ioane sucks asses?



thoughts so far BUTTON.


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    • Acis is emulating retail gameplay, in which there were no voiced commands. You can implement this on your own.
    • i know acis 🙂 even its devs are refusing the problems the pack itself has and im not giving any fix list in order them/you to fix, im abusing them in the servers that im playing. what im generally saying is; even those classes are op in l2off, how come u fix those issues by the pack itself? it doesnt matter how updated the pack is, im actively playing the servers that been opening with most recent files. anyway, i dont have to test anything on the server, just log-in any l2off server and try surrender, vortex and hydro blast/prominence/hurricane to any npc and then test the same thing on acis to see urself. or easiest way; log l2off, get a cardinal, greater battle heal to urself and then test the same thing on acis
    • Our pack is based on - latest - acis rev with our own updates. What you're describing is old, garbage outdated acis revs that were indeed as bad as you're describing. Our formulas are 100% retail and yes, that means the classes you mentioned are strong, but at the same time you're forgetting that the same goes for all classes. Welcome to Interlude where all classes are very strong unlike H5 where all classes couldn't solo kill anyone in mass pvp unless the target was massively cancelled.   Skill spam is based on skill re-use formulas and atk speed which are also retail on our files. Also skill cooltime which is something only people who bother with skilldata are aware of. The files you're talking about are extremely outdated.   You completely forgot about mages and their retail MC rate and multiplier on Interlude which was indeed the most broken class on the client. You could google L2 Teon interlude forum archives and people talking about that sph "progamer" (from ITT side) who once obtained valakas + passive wild magic he was nearly 100% mcriting (x4) and solo-ing parties by himself with a single support behind him. I'm pretty sure if you youtube search "progamer l2" or "progamer lineage" you will find a few ridiculous videos of him.   Ah forgot to mention that the OBT is live and available for you to run your own tests. If you test something and think it's not retail like, THEN you can come to me and report it. Right now you're assuming based on information from 5 years ago.     His post would make sense back in 2016-17 probably
    • hello can some1 help me to instal sql files?  i have thisproblem and i cant find where to put batch of mysql  https://ibb.co/tZ8Ccp2
    • I was sitting here, thinking long and hard about where to begin or how to properly adress this post, but the only thing I can say is... "?"
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