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  1. The most narcissistic thing I've ever seen regarding your 5th point, was a couple of years ago. A guy asked me his opinion about the pack "he had made" (rl). I checked the files and the dude had done something amazing. He had opened every single file, removed all the licenses/notes on the top part, and had replaced them with "Special L2J Pack Designed by X", or sth like that. He claimed that he had been working on that pack for a month, and eventually that was all he had done in it.
  2. Just let him do it the way he wants to. If the topic gets way too spammed, then when the "guide" is finished, a mod can clean it up, combine the posts and then re-open it. Great idea, by the way :]
  3. That was a nice logo.. And the colors, of the logo and the forum, were veeeery nice.. I mean, the favicon still has this orange/golden color combination. Let's start a campaign for the black&golden MxC era and the Platinums' return! D:
  4. +1 on that, I loved that old golden one.. And I also miss the Platinums..
  5. Oh, no text at all, just the image. If you mean that you need equations or such stuff, then tell me for which specific thing and I'll google it :]
  6. Glad to hear that, waiting for your creation :]
  7. L2J Discussions are a rare sight in here, believe it or not. It's really good that people are starting to comment on stuff like projects, codes, software, etc. and initiate whole discussions. And it's even better when the people that are commenting on such stuff are people like Setekh, Intrepid, or Tryskell (I'm not talking about guys like Pauler simply because I don't know them yet - I have no doubt that they are very skilled as well). So I don't see why you would want such topics to get locked. The title of the topic might not be right, but this topic could very easily turn into a discussion concerning IL Projects, for example. People could state their opinions on them and the developers themselves could comment as well.
  8. Sure! I want somebody to design a book cover for me. The topic is physics. But not physics in General (for example, I'm not looking for an image with the face of Einstein). I am looking for an image to combine some of the stuff that is taught in Greece's High School. If you are not familiar with it, my friend mentioned the following: Everything related to Kinematics, Forces being applied to/from objects, Newton's Laws, Acceleration/Momentum (Angular or Linear)/Torque, Collisions, Oscillations, Sound Waves, etc. (There are chapters with electricity and magnetism as well, but he doesn't prefer them as a cover photo). An example of such image would be an item in motion, colliding with another item in motion, while in the background the forces that are being applied to/from every object are analyzed. Another example would be something like a soundwave, while in the background you can see the description of the specific wave, or its equation. I have not studied physics at all, so I am not the best person to provide you with more info about it, but I really hope that you can create something unique =] For more information, feel free to PM me or post here/at skype.
  9. [GR] Όντως, εδώ που τα λέμε παραήταν πολύπλοκο, κι εγώ που τα 'γραψα δεν έβγαζα νόημα από ένα σημείο και μετά ;P Και κατέβασα αυτό το e-book, και μου 'δωσες γενική ιδέα (να κατεβάζω βιβλία/βοηθήματα Φυσικής και να βρίσκω έτοιμα σχήματα/εικόνες, ή να πάρω καμιά ιδέα, that's why I love you! [EN] Topic simplified, I think that you can understand what I'm looking for more easily ;p
  10. Not this specific book, I'm looking for a new design for a new book concerning Greece's High School Physics D: [GR] Ένας φίλος έχει αναλάβει σαν project μια εργασία η οποία αφορά το επίπεδο της Φυσικής που μαθαίνουν τα παιδιά του Λυκείου στην Ελλάδα, σε σύγκριση με το επίπεδο της Φυσικής που μαθαίνουν τα παιδιά στο αντίστοιχο Λύκειο άλλων χωρών. Θέλει στην ουσία να δείξει πως παρά τα χάλια της χώρας, η μόρφωση και το υλικό των σχολικών βιβλίων είναι πολύ ανώτερο, συγκριτικά με πολλές άλλες χώρες. Και μου ζήτησε ένα "πρωτότυπο" εξώφυλλο για την εργασία του αυτή, οπότε είπα ''πού θα πάω; εκεί που ξέρω πολλά άτομα που ασχολούνται με gfx" =P
  11. Πώς φαίνεται η εμπειρία σε ό,τι αφορά συζητήσεις με τον Steven xD
  12. BUMP.. Come on, nobody? Not even an idea or a render?
  13. Long ago, there weren't even VIP [share] sections (good ol' Platinum days), there was just a general discussion and access to the Jankyard, so be proud of what you currently have D: The "Report to Moderator" option sends an email to a Moderator's email. In other words, you just spam their inbox. It's better to PM a mod, or report the user if you feel that you're being harassed.
  14. It's up to the mods to decide whether a share deserves the karma it has been given, or not. If you feel that somebody abused their privs and applauded one of their friends, then you're free to report them to any moderator. But as a VIP you still have the priviledge of applauding any user - just make sure that you're not abusing your powers. Because, if you are, then you might be punished for doing so.