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[L2J]L2 Tonic x5000


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L2-Tonic is x5000 (PvP)








Server Has Custom Items


Custom Armor: Tonic Black Armors, Titanium Armor


Custom Weapons: Tonic Black Weapons, Epic Weapons


Custom Jewels: Raid Boss Jewels


Heroes 1 Week



Enchant Infos


Safe Enchant For All: +8


Max Enchant For All: +30


Normal Scroll Chance: 75%


Blessed Scroll Chance: 70%


Crystal Scroll Chance 100%





Custom Augmenter


Custom Skill Enchanter


Powerfull Pk-Killer


Modern Buffer with All Buffs (3h Buffs)


Custom Special Trader


Custom Vote Trader


Custom Noblesse Manager


Custom GmShop


Custom GateKeeper


PvP Color Title


PvP/Pk Rank Npc


.away/.back System


.online System


Offline Trade


Hopzone Vote Reward System


Custom Hero Item With Vote Points (Till Restart)


Also Many Things Waits You In Game






Giran And Aden Will Be The Other Places And Only Siegeable Castles


Farm Area 1: For Newbies To Farm With Guards


Farm Area 2: For Players Who Can Manage Other's Pks


Custom Book Zone: A Boss That Drops Custom Item (24h Respawn)


Xp Zone: 1 Hit Mobs To Full Level


Ls Zone: PI Is The Ls Zone




Dedicated Server!!!

Intel Core i7 940

12288 MB DDR3 RAM

500 GB 7.200 RPM

4000 GB Traffic p/m

1 Gigabit Uplink



Site Click Here


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I don't like the custom items and, how other ppls said, the max enchant.. lower it a little..

I see already corruption from the comments of other ppl..

Anyway gl

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