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  1. Guys who can make me a good effect letters with my name - SvitShit # on this picture? I'm rly bad photoshop editor :D I will give +1 for who create the best for me :)
  2. Main: SPS Subs: Necro/Bishop Quests: Varka Alliance 5lvl Noblesse Quest Sub Quest Items: DC robe (full set) Tallum Robe (Full set) TTS Jewel set (full +3) Dusk Shield - donated Perfect book - donated Major Arcana robe (crafted) Major Arcana gloves (crafted) Draconic gloves (crafted) Draconic boots (crafted) LOT OF MATERIALS INSIDE TOO! ACCEPT LOL ACCOUNT/SMITE OR REAL MONEY.. I SELL IT VERY CHEAP PM! SKYPE: mangusta40
  3. FAIL SERVER - 20 players on NO RB ZONES still dont fixed NO RESSISt BUFFS - deleted Cancel = 2 sec = 99,9% success. DAGGERS OP = 3000 attack speed ROFLAMAO AND MORE!
  4. Weapon +16 5€ Armor +16 10€ Boss Jewels +16 10€ Augment Passive 5€ Augment Active 5€ Hero 1 Week 5€ Change Character Sex 5€ Change Character Name 5€ Aio Tattoo 10€ Special Shield +200 P.def/M.def 5€ +1 Enchant On Items 1€
  5. SERVER INFORMATION Chronicle: Interlude Type: Pvp Server Events Balanced Classes Professional server DDos protection, no lag Special Features: #Unique start up System. # Special npc's . # Custom farm zones. # Custom droplist on Raid Bosses. (Raid Bosses drop also hero coins!) # Main town: Giran. # Special items ( see them in-game). Unique items, give a check in-game. Other Systems: # New character starts with 80 lvl . # All skills working. # Custom NPC in Clan Halls. # Olympiad:every week hero. # Balanced Class (everyday update for perfect balance). # Raid Bosse
  6. Are u da real owner? Give me ur fb or skype.
  7. Put sms donation for Bulgaria too bro, we need it !
  8. Server rates: XP: 999x SP: 999x ADENA: 999x Drop: 1x Enchant: Enchant Max Normal/Blessed: Armor/Weapon +21, Jewels +16 Enchant Max Crystal: Armor/Weapon +25, Jewels +21 Enchant Safe: +4 Simple Enchant Rate: 65% Blessed Enchant Rate: 92% Crystal Enchant Rate: 90% Custom Items: Vesper Super/Epic Armor Triumph Weapon Epic Wings/Custom Hat Tattoo Basic Things: Client - Interlude Main Town - Giran Castle Crown Witch Stat Wedding System Max Buff Slot - 60 Max SubClass - 3 Spawn Protection - 30s. Raid Boss - 8 Geodata Quake System Auto Vote Reward System Destroy SS/BSS Auto TvT/CFG events. Cl