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  1. spamers can spam* his own life !!!
  2. new mission in botland :) if you have a friend that he leave server with full items like draco boss jwls set and he give it to you you get insta ban cuz admin see all trades and he think you buy this for realy money! zeus logic xd ps: dont ask items from friend cuz you get ban
  3. i make drama? you flaming people cuz they dont like your server you spam every day !! you should go outside at real (world) NOT ONLY in botland!
  4. you are retard or what the heck i play l2 from 2004 im normal player you dont know what lineage 2 game is so please just close your mouth allready
  5. this is botland all server is bot i play there 1 week the people with blue looks like is in duel is autofarm like adrenaline you must be vip to use this alo is vip plus can make bp heal you auto protect party made by admin in every place you see this this server is pve not pvp
  6. i have play better geodata in 2004 we are at 2019 and this server have best fail geodata i ever see in life +best 15 years of the fail srv + 1 month on and cant fix the lag on pvp + i see all your post here is good to suck admin ballz nice kid
  7. this server is not even java or frozen i dont what pack this server have but is crap !
  8. i have am+8 admin make an update to looks like +4 wtf is that
  9. i think you need restar the server....
  10. blablabla just delete archer class shield give 150 p def and the mage use wm+ empower just in case... surrrender plus +500 dmg +0 chance 150% hex +13 chance 0% and who are you first of all did he pay you good for saying good think about that sh1t balance srv?
  11. zero balance just make sph surrener 100% chance + 500 dmg total 1.500 dmg per skill he reduce duel might i have archer x2 dm and hit 2k critical