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  1. Cry more banned hater 70 ppl jajajajajajajajajajajaja i am fun of l2warland why is the best server that is the only truth here. Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  2. We have free bot on warland :) i see daily too many ban for boting, so this kiddo guard work as i see Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  3. you not play here so who you believe we lie you ? Zeus say yesterday have reduce far view to limit lag, on this video you can see only 1/5 of players to fight in baium you believe L2Dream has more ppl of L2Warland jajajajajajajajajaja jajajajajajajajajajaja on dream video i see 2 sides / clans, on warland fight more to 5-6 sides with many cps, btw you can tell us when you come on l2warland :) Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  4. jajajaja too many story for this "kid guard" but we see too many bans for boting , so look like working this protection :) , take a life or create a better for your server and tell us to come and play without bots with you Super PRO Guard :) i read too many words from 5-10 haters , you can speak each other and believe you are from correct side, but every day check this server to see how you can make a good job like Zeus made. we not have see again a admin to care too much for the community and take a breath warland is the best server for the last 10++ years. Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  5. jaja so you are banned for this reason too many hate :) i am sure for that :P Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  6. we play yesterday baium pvp, has lag 3-5 sec in the most time, some other 10sec , but is better like tezza or siege, that mean Admin work for this problem. i am sure you never play pvp on other server with 500+++ players in same place to spam a lot of skills and see if lag or not. If you are better create a server for us to play without lag :) . Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  7. really , you got ban ? why hate Zeus too much? :) is the only normal answer. Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  8. jajaja you know better of all of this peoples to play on l2warland :) ? We wait your server to be online and we test it we want a "professional" admin like you !!!! P.S we've seen more ban in l2warland for BOT than in any other server in l2. Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  9. You are 100000% correct. agree with all of that your write !!! you give gredit in NCsoft when copy his work? Nop you are not the creator of nothing, simple you make modify on exist services created by others like NCSoft. see "modify by" , not "create by". Finally i am ok with Warland Bot , work fine and is free :) no money for Adrenaline !!! Hater can hate own life :) !!! we are all here and play :) , yesterday we see 3.500+ online players we not have other choice for a fair Lineage2 only Warland can provide. GameGuard work fine now, no problems for the most of peoples. Hater can hate own life :) !!!
  10. now i read, i am not friend of this stupid admin i want to use interface and adrenaline like on other servers
  11. for me not work, how much is the cost for this bypass ?
  12. they not enable the protection :) "master hacker" hahaha 1 year old child can use this interface or andre but i am sure he log all of that , so no point to get ban in the future you can stop to cry all the time?
  13. i want this interface if work, please send me the link