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  1. jajajaja yes i am the god of the gods :D Warland best of the best 8 month TOP so Hater cry more !!! i play in the best server like all l2 community all other is trash 2 week servers tales every 2 month open a new server for players with minimum IQ like you :) Haters can hate his own life ....
  2. you need to see how many peoples play on warland. best of the best, cry more Hater !!! :D
  3. this no brain stupid is alive ? hahahahaha you have 3-4 months to get ban and l2warland escape from a noob like you is online for 6 months and all of this time is the best and number 1 server around the world (check all toplists) and you speak about corruption and pay to win? Nasiferus all we know what person you are, "you're begging for items" until get ban and start your drama. we see what you say for all server to have play and get ban for your trash brain. Get in your hole hater mouse !!!! :)
  4. i am ok by bro, thank you !!!! :D Haters can Hate his Own Life !!!
  5. who you drop items in the ground hater ??? , is not possible to drop items in the ground on l2warland :D i have report problems on zeus and never get ban or jail , every time speak with me normal. "I don't recommend it at all" VS "nothing better in l2" :D !!! same person 2 opinions. Yes, only in l2warland you can play a game without Pay to Win. !!!! P.S 155 Reply's and Counting , most active Server thread in MXC jajajajajaja one more proof about l2warland power !!!! L2warland the best server in l2 , HATERS !!!!! :D !!!!! Haters can Hate his Own Life !!!
  6. zero trash speaking :D Haters can Hate his Own Life !!!
  7. i don't care who "care" :D jajajaja i am free to say my opinion. if you not like my Opinion you have the choice to not read it. but i like to make fun with all of this Haters !!! Remember l2warland is the Best of the Best server !!! Only the numbers can say the truth !!!, not 5-10 Haters Remember Haters can hate his Own Life !!!! :D
  8. Hater you can speak ? jajajajaja go to hate your life !!!! :D l2warland BEST of the BEST Server !!!!
  9. you fear to give me your IG char name ? how low player can be ? i can write as i want here, if you not like go in other tread Low IQ man ... jajajajaj :D Hater can hate his own life !!!
  10. Give me your IG Name and we see if farm again with your chars, can't use flame on your why @Celestinewarning me , but i see he allow you to flame me without problem. but all we know about your IQ Number , i am sure is less of a 10. :D so shut up and leave this server or i can make you to hidden in Elpy area Haters hate his own life !!!!
  11. jajajajajaja when you get ban and write this book of drama? :D you say all community is stupid and you are the only one smart guy ? please , go away hater, as i say i am big fun of l2warland and i write my opinion every time is the best server and you can see it everywhere Open before 3 months and is FULL OF ACTIVE PLAYERS , before write your fake answer check topzone and see the difference all other projects die in 2 week's so before write your hate words take a time to think about the truth. in any case you not miss on anyone in the server, so go make your hate in other place. l2warland server best of the best !!!! :D Hater can hate his self !!!! buena suerte
  12. finlaly you got unban like you request on Discord ? :D i love this server is the best, for this reason i don't accept haters lies.
  13. and how you count valakas? you are admin jajajajaja Two valakas spawn in l2warland, so Two valakas exist right now
  14. is a question , why in my last message i don't be aggressive for anyone, before some post , yes is possible to be little aggro, but i have stop it without any warning i hate the fake info, that is all :) Friendly !!!
  15. You got ban from this server , so you make this fake drama l2warland is the only one no p2w server in the world. on all other server you can pay the admin and get +16 items on l2warland is not possible, you can get golds from bless accounts but need to pay other players to get any item, not the admin, not a gm shop i don’t speak you aggressive :D :D :D but you are a "bad" cry kid , so go to sell your +36 items and 2kk gold jajajajajajaja :)