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[Guide]Seven Sign's Epic Quests

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Seven Sign's Epic Quest 1 - Series of Doubt



1) The first quest in this series, a one-time solo quest, can be picked up at level 79 from Warehouse Chief Croop in Oren.




Croop's cousin Jacob, who was supposed to bring him a contract, is already several days overdue. This has the Warehouse Chief seriously worried.




When you ask him why he is so worried, Croop will tell you that recently there has been a series of incidents where leading members of the Dwarven community, all of whom had to do with contracts, were attacked and killed by a mysterious assailant.




Now Croop fears that Jacob might also have fallen victim to such an attack. You are to ask around among the Guards at the town gates whether they can help you with clearing up the identity of the murderer. To smoothen the path for you, Croop will give you a Letter of Introduction for Guard Hector at the north gate:


2) Go to the north gate of Oren and talk to Guard Hector. At first Hector will be reluctant to share important information with a stranger, but when you show him Croop's Letter of Introduction, he will send you on to the south gate. There you are to ask Guard Stan, who has told his colleague about a person that might fit the description.






3) Several nights ago, when he couldn't sleep and was walking near Oren Castle, Stan has in fact seen a suspicious person lurking around. Go to Oren Castle and see what you can find.






4) A bit east of Oren Castle (the place is marked on your map with a pin) you will see a Mysterious Corpse lying on the ground. Search the Corpse and retrieve Jacob's Necklace. Then return to Croop.






The Warehouse Chief will give you a Memorial Service Request Letter. Take that, go to the Einhasad Temple in Oren and ask High Priest Hollint for information about a memorial service.


6) When High Priest Hollint hears the news about Jacob's death he says that you will have to help with the preparations for the memorial service.






With this the quest comes to an end and you are rewarded with 52,518,015 exp as well as 5,817,677 SP. Talk to Hollint again to pick up the second quest in the series - "Dying Message".



Seven Sign's Epic Quest 2 - Dying Message


When you have finished first quest you should already be standing in front of High Priest Hollint. Talk to him again, and he will tell you that he has ordered Priest Kane to hold the memorial service for Jacob.




2) After a short walk out the north gate of Oren you can see Kane near the lake side, guarding an altar.




For holding the memorial service, Kane absolutely needs "Deadman's Herb", a medicinal plant that is used as incense. To get this herb, you have to go to the southern entrance of the Enchanted Valley. This place can be easily reached by teleportation from Hunters Village.




3) At the entrance of the Enchanted Valley you can see Herb Collector Eric standing near a rock.




Without further ado Eric will give you the herb and you can return directly to Kane.




4) With the Deadman's Herb Priest Kane can hold the memorial service for Jacob.




During the ceremony a black shadow will be approaching in your back. Turn around quickly and fight.




Shilen's Evil Thought, which is what is attacking you there, is not strong. Even with no buffs you will easily be able to kill it. After having taken care of the Evil Thought you will obtain a Suspicious Statue. Go back to Kane and talk to him again.




Priest Kane is trying to convince the confused player to cooperate with the Lords of Dawn. When you click on "I want to work with you", Kane will tell you to go see Sir Gustav Athebaldt, who is handling the military affairs of the organization.




5) You will find Sir Gustav Athebaldt in front of the Warrior Guild in Oren. Sir Gustav is highly pleased that you are willing to work as an agent for the Lords of Dawn; he says there will be plenty to do for you in the future.






With this, step 2 of the Epic Quest comes to an end. You will be rewarded with 52,518,015 exp as well as 5,817,677 SP. Talk to Gustav Athebaldt again to pick up the next quest in the series - "Contract of Mammon".


Seven Sign's Epic Quest 3 - Contract of Mammon


After having finished second quest you should already be standing in front of Sir Gustav Athebaldt.Talk to him again, and he will tell you in detail the legend of the Seven Signs.




Gustav Athebaldt says that the Lords of Dawn must get their hands on the - still existing - contract that Emperor Shunaiman had signed with the Merchants of Mammon; it seems that at the end of the contract there were additional clauses that were later kept quiet about. Your target are suspicious people who may be in possession of the original contract left behind by Emperor Shunaiman. To find the contract you must sneak into a very dangerous place, and for that infiltration operation you must undergo a special training. Go find Secret Investigator Collin who is in charge of the training of agents. Sir Gustav Athebaldt will give you a Letter of Introduction.


2) Collin, who will supervise your special training for the infiltration operation, is located at the southern exit of the town square in Aden.




Hand over Athebaldt's Letter of Introduction, then your training can start. It consists of 3 steps, but don't worry - it's not too difficult.




3) For step 1 of your training, Collin will turn you into a frog. After having been transformed, go resp. hop to the Forest of Mirrors. Whip tried to teleport to make things a bit easier, but in a transformed state it is not possible to use the Gatekeepers. You get a transformation skill Frog Leap which doesn't make a big difference, but by making use of it you are still a bit faster. All speed-related buffs will be deleted when Collin transforms you into a frog.




When you come to the fork on the northern outskirts of the Forest of Mirrors, you can see Great King Frog sitting in the middle of the road.

In the Taiwanese version of G+ it works to station a Summoner near Great King Frog and have you summon there with the lvl 56 skill Summon Friend after you have been transformed into a frog.






Strike up a conversation with the animal, and you will obtain the Frog King's Bead. Then return to Collin in Aden.




After you have fulfilled your mission, the lock on the transformation will be released.


4) When you talk to Secret Investigator Collin again, he will reveal to you that your next mission is to transform into a child and meet with a Grandmother.




Male characters are transformed into a boy, female characters into a girl. Like with the Frog Leap, you will get a running skill that increases your Movement Speed for a duration of 15 seconds by 33. This transformation lasts shorter than the frog one, so be quick about it.


3epic13.jpg          3epic14.jpg


5) You will probably have seen Grandmother Tess standing at the side of the road when you made your way southwards in frog shape.

Again, the trick with a Summoner stationed there beforehand works in Taiwan.




Tess is waiting for the children who went out to play. Pretend to be a friend, so that she gives you a bag of candy.


After you have successfully acquired Grandmother Tess' Candybag, go back to Aden.


6) Now Collin gives you your third and last transformation mission. This time you must transform into a villager and go to the Coliseum on Narsel Lake.




7) Since this time the distance you have to cover is short, the duration of the transformation is also short. Don't tarry and continually use your running skill to reach the Coliseum quickly.




Talk to Villager Cuda, who is standing at the western entrance of the arena, to get his Villager's Gloves.




8) When you bring Collin in Aden the Gloves, your training will be complete. Collin congratulates you for having fulfilled those three difficult(?) missions, then he tells you to meet Claudia Athebaldt at the north gate of Aden.




9) You will find Claudia Athebaldt near a hill outside the north gate. On behalf of her husband she will reward you for having undergone the training with 52,518,015 exp and 5,817,677 SP .




Seven Sign's Epic Quest 4 - Secret Ritual of the Priests


1) After having finished third quest you should already be standing in front of Claudia Athebaldt. She is confident that you will be able to penetrate into the Sanctum of the Lords of Dawn.


2) In Gludio first talk to John, the Captain of the Dawn Security Guard. You will find him in a quiet corner near the north gate




John will give you a Document of Identification that says that you are a member of the Dawn Security Guard, then he tells you to go inside the Einhasad Temple.




3) The arrow over your head will lead you to High Priest Raymond, all the way in the back of the Temple.




You will be transformed into a Security Guard; again the transformation is different for male and female characters. This transformation comes with a Hide skill. Security Guard Hide reduces your Movement Speed by 30%, but this skill is absolutely vital for what is ahead of you. Put the skill icon on a hotkey.




4) At the south side of the Einhasad Temple, a bit in the back, there is a shining circle - the Light of Dawn.




This is the Gatekeeper who will teleport you to the Sanctum of the Lords of Dawn.




5) When you have passed the Identity Verification Pillar and opened the door, the most difficult part of the Seven Signs Epic Quest begins - the infiltration.




If you are really fast, you can complete it in 5 or 6 minutes. But if you did not understand the principle of the infiltration, or if you don't have mastered using your Hide skill well enough, you may spend up to 10 hours at that step, trying again and again without even making it to the library door. In addition to that, the Sanctum is an instanced dungeon. If you don't finish within 1 hour, you have to restart the infiltration from the beginning again. Focus as much as possible on the control of your Hide skill.




There are quite a number of passageways you must make your way down through until you reach the library. Overall there are 6 underground floors. When you get caught by the guards on the first 3 floors, you will have to start the infiltration operation from the beginning again. After that you will on detection be teleported back to the 3rd floor.

On the NA/Euro servers there are two restart points, one 1/3 down and another 2/3 down.




There are various types of guards. You have the stationary ones, who stay at their post, and the mobile ones, who are patrolling the corridors. And then the male and the female guards show different behavior. The male ones can detect you even when you are using your Hide skill, while the female ones can not see through that skill. On the other hand the female guards can identify you as a disguised intruder over a much greater distance than the male ones. In other words, as long as you use Hide, you can walk right past a female guard, but in unstealthed mode you better stay far far away from them.


You can get an impression of the guards and the Hide skill in this video, where Whip has documented the precise path you have to take:



Especially before you enter the third floor down (1:06 in the video) you must make the right choice. If you turn at that point to the left, you will run into 3 male guards who will inevitably discover you. There is no way to get past them. So take the corridor branching off to the right. And after that corridor, hidden behind the corner on the left, there will be female guards. So switch on your Hide skill before you make that left-turn.


6) After having penetrated all the way down and having become witness to a secret ritual of the Priests of Dawn you will arrive at a Code Number Input Device. Click on the code you have saved in your Memo pad - 72,79,78,71.




7) Having entered the library, using your Hide skill, click on the first Y-shaped bookshelf on your right to retrieve Emperor Shunaiman's Contract. It is called "Bookshelf of Dawn" and talks to you. When you have the document, use a Scroll of Escape from your Inventory and get out. After having mastered the stealth principles, Whip could get the Contract 6 minutes 4 seconds after having entered the Sanctum. You may need significantly longer.




8)You will be deposited back in Gludio. Talk to Raymond again. The High Priest will tell you that in order to find out the hidden truth in the contract with the Mammon Guild you will have to travel to Heine, the Great City on the Water, and talk to the rich merchant Iason Heine. By using a town-specific Scroll of Escape you can go directly from Raymond to Heine.




9) Iason Heine is in charge of the economic affairs of the Lords of Dawn. When you hand over the Mammon Guild contract to him, you have finished the quest. The merchant will reward you with 52,518,015 exp and 5,817,677 SP.




Seven Sign's Epic Quest 5 -  Seal of the Emperor


1) When you have finished 4th quest you should already be standing in front of Iason Heine. While the merchant is studying Shunaiman's contract with the Mammon Guild, something strange is happening.




2) Next to Iason Heine suddenly the Merchant of Mammon appears. Try talking to him.




The Merchant of Mammon knows the content of the contract between Emperor Shunaiman and the Mammon Guild. He says that at the time they were asked to help the Emperor. In the course of the conversation, the Merchant of Mammon reveals that the members of his Guild have not only the ability to travel through space, but also through time. For the latter purpose they have a special Temporal Teleportation Device called Promise of Mammon. Then the Merchant of Mammon vanishes. Talk to Iason Heine again.


3) Iason Heine points out to you that you might want to travel to the Disciple's Necropolis, near the Devastated Castle northeast of Aden to search for the Promise of Mammon.




4) You will find the Promise of Mammon (which looks exactly like Gatekeeper Ziggurat) at the entrance to the Disciple's Necropolis. As long as you have not joined the Revolutionary Army of Dusk you can freely move in and out of the Necropolis.




5) After the Promise of Mammon has teleported you in, you will get quite a surprise - you will see Emperor Shunaiman standing there, accompanied by his bodyguard Leon. You have been brought back 1500 years!




Shunaiman, the Emperor of Elmoreden, got heavily wounded and is resting in the Necropolis. He gives you the task to help Anakim in his stead and remove 4 Seals that are restraining her. To facilitate your mission he will give you Einhasad's Holy Sword (a Shadow Item with 5 days duration) and the Holy Water of Elmoreden.




6) In front of you the way is blocked by a red door. Target the door by clicking on it, then use the Holy Water of Elmoreden; the door will open.




With the Holy Sword, which has only a P.Atk. of 7, there comes a special skill - "Einhasad's One-Strike". Put that on a hotkey, as well as the Holy Water for opening doors. You can not hurt the monsters in the Necropolis with normal weapons, but Einhasad's One-Strike delivers a damage of 10,000 per hit, without consuming MP or Soul/Spiritshots.




After you have entered the dungeon, you will be assailed by several Lilim monsters at once. Even with Einhasad's Holy Sword this requires all of your attention. Races and classes with not so much HP should bring plenty of Healing Potions.




7) While you are decimating Shilen's followers, you will sooner or later find an Elmoreden Court Magician lying on the floor. Talk to the corpse and retrieve from it the Court Magician's Magic Wand.




Using this Wand you can open the next door.




In the room behind that door you will have to make your way through masses of monsters that are getting more and more. Keep in mind your HP management.




8) After you have eliminated all of Shilen's followers, approach the Disciple's Gatekeeper and have it teleport you into the next room.




9) Now there will be a cut-scene video of Anakim where she says that her strength is running out and you should hurry. Then you can see her fighting with Lilith. It is your task to destroy the four Sealing Devices of Emperor Shunaiman around Anakim; again you have to use Einhasad's Holy Sword. In each Sealing Device is one of the Seals you are supposed to bring back.




10) When you have all 4 Seals, return to Emperor Shunaiman. He will give you a Sealed Scripture.




11) Then talk to the Emperor's Guard Leon, who will teleport you out of the Disciple's Necropolis and back to the present.




12) Return to Iason Heine. The merchant will tell you to meet Dawn Witness Franz. But for that purpose you should first contact Priest Wood in Aden.




13) You will find the newly added Priest in the Einhasad Temple, a bit closer to the entrance than his long-serving colleagues.




Wood will praise you for your efforts and reward you with 52,518,015 exp as well as 5,817,677 SP.


Seven Sign's Epic Quest 6 - Sacred Book of Seal


After having finished 5th quest you should already be standing in front of Priest Wood in the Einhasad Temple at Aden. Wood says that High Priest Orven can decrypt the Sealed Scripture that Emperor Shunaiman gave you.




Talk to High Priest Orven who is standing near the altar in the back of the Temple.




2) Orven himself is not able to break the code, but he knows a decryption expert. Take his letter of introduction and travel to Goddard to meet Leopad.




3) Decryption Expert Leopad studies the Sealed Scripture and tries for some time to decode it, but he fails. His teacher, however, might be able to help. To find Leopad's teacher you have to walk a few steps out of Goddard.




4) Grandmaster Rolens is wandering around near the eastern ramp that leads into the Town of Goddard.




Strike up a conversation with him. When you tell him about the Sealed Scripture he will be fascinated.

In that moment Shilen's Evil Thought, a kind of assassin you have already dealt with in "A Positive Answer", will be attacking you again. After you have eliminated the assailant, you will obtain a Suspicious Statue. Then resume your conversation with Rolens.




5) Grandmaster Rolens finds out with ease what kind of code was used in the Sealed Scripture. One emperor, six wings etc. points to a catalogue number in the Arcane Library at Rune. Teleport there.


6) When you are in Rune Township, head for the Mystic Guild under the hill. There you will find Library Director Sofia who is in charge of the Arcane Library.




7) Having obtained the Manuscript, return to Wood in Aden. The Priest will reward you with 52,518,015 exp and 5,817,677 SP.

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Seven Sign's Epic Quest 7 - Embryo


1) When you have finished 6th quest you should already be standing in front of Priest Wood. With the Manuscript of Mysteries a lot of the convoluted secrets can be disentangled. This will help in meeting Dawn Witness Franz.




2) When you click on the link on Wood's dialogue screen, he will teleport you directly to Franz (yes, that's the Priest after whom the Euro server is named).






3) While you are talking to Franz, not one but three of Shilen's Evil Thoughts will appear - two regular ones and a captain. The other two fellows are just there to annoy you - the guy you have to kill is the big captain. His dying words are "Em...b...ry...o". Then talk to Franz again.




4) Franz can clear up all the secrets surrounding the Manuscript of Mysteries and the statues of Shilen you obtained when you were killing Shilen's Evil Thoughts. He tells you a lot of things concerning this topic (it's about the control of the energy of the Sealstones and thereby the Seals). But Franz also hints that this is not the end of the story; there are omens about the Fourth Seal, Einhasad priests are in collusion with high-ranking Revolutionaries of Dusk ...




5) Priestess Jayna, who is standing next to Franz, will teleport you back to the Temple in Aden




6) Wood will praise your effort and reward you with 315,108,090 exp, 34,906,059 SP, 1,500,000 Ancient Adena and an S-Grade left-wrist Bracelet of Dawn that raises your Weight Limit by 5000.







I hope this guide will be usefull for other players. If you find any mistake feel free to report.


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thanks, nice job !


Nice job but i see u got only 1 reply.. 2 with this.. this makes me thinks that not a lot of ppl are interested in this type of quests..

Anyway nice guide.


I think most people play on PvP servers where not really need more quests

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ps +1 karma for the effort

too bad u can't give karma being a normal member >.>


thanks, nice job !


I think most people play on PvP servers where not really need more quests

Yeah a lot of l2players if u ask them about this quest they don't even know what is this for..

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pretty much the most usefull topic in a few days. very nice, i hadnt found all these together and never saw time/rewards. thanx ^^


ps +1 karma for the effort


I was like .. wtf! karma and i didn't noticed that ?!

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