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  1. Played both their previous servers and the team behind playinera is one of the extremely rare teams left in the Lineage 2 scene that really care about their project. You can feel that they put their hearts and souls into it. Will definitely play this one again. It's always been fun.
  2. Screw this server, I got a few people hyped for it, was ready to get my CP together again just to find out that it will be sub-stack, which isnt mentioned anywhere in the announcement. Waste of time.
  3. A server that starts from C1 and upgrades 1 chronicle every month. No custom bullshit. A man can dream, can't he?
  4. Hey friends, I was just in a huge mass pvp (150vs150vs100) and slowly but surely the dead bodys would pile up the floor and block the view with their name and war symbol, after 10 minutes you could barely see anyone in the mess. I was wondering wether it's possible to remove name + clan crest + war symbol on death. I know there's an option to turn everything off, but I'm curious if it can be triggered on death. Thanks for reading, cheers.
  5. Kamaels can only equip light armor because of the skill "Guilted Body", maybe simply removing that fixes the problem, not sure tho.
  6. Chars 85 Cardinal + Kookaburra 84 Eva's Saint + Kookaburra 85 Sword Muse 85 Spectral Dancer 85 Doom Cryer 85 Phoenix Knight 85 Ghost Hunter 85 Duelist 85 Doombringer All Chars are noblesse, with all subclasses done and subskills learned. 9+ Olympiad matches done on all chars with decent points. Most skills enchanted to +7-10, most important skills are +15 (CoV, Party UD, Rush Impact, etc...) All Chars come with Full A/S Grade Armor and TTS Jewel Set. Items 2x Full IC Sets + Full Element Resist 2x Dynasty Robe Set [Healer] + Full Element Resist 2x Dynasty Leather S
  7. No, I had 2 AQ's from the event and 1 from a friend who quit aswell. The AM's I made myself (had help for the crystals tho). I dont mean to attack the server, it was really fun to play
  8. What's wrong with me selling my stuff for cheap money to others if they enjoy the server? And I played mostly solo btw ;)
  9. That's exactly why I'm selling my stuff, do you want a trophy now?
  10. Server full with offline shops, no players :(
  11. Noone wants to start from 0 when everyone else already has endgame gear ^^
  12. Will the current server be upgraded to Epilogue or will there be a wipe?
  13. I went 1 step further and made Noblesse a pink debuff, there is absolutely no way that you'll miss it now. Works on every Gracia Final server. Willing to share for a few €
  14. The chronicle is great, wish there were more ppl tho
  15. Sold another AQ and AM 150 Wind. 1 AQ and AM 150 Fire/Water left!