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Server Rates:

Max enchant is the same with the safe +5

You start at Giran.

You can be 80lvl with killing a mob.

The server has not customs items.

All players are equivalent.




(Put the l2.ini in the system and you are ready to play)

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nice failure. no normal gk. only custom gk with : town of giran and pvp zone. no mobs anywhere. no nothig.

No oly, no siege.

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Good luck with your server mate..Now downloading servers patch

there is no patch, just l2.ini. take 1 sec to download.


It's only a pvp server! :\

with your gremlins no one can go lvl 80. and wtf pvp server with no oly, no siege. are you serious?? and only 2 zones for all server (giran and pvp zone) ?!

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Cant you stop Flaming this guy ? If you think its a fail server , make yours and we will see then !

Grow up guys. Stop acting as a kids.


Good luck stackman. There arent many server like yours so i guess you will have succes.

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