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  1. Yeah sure, /lolen/. At least my mother does some good pancakest, while you do some bad servers ( to get donations only ).
  2. l2arion.com closed l2abyssal.com closed next will be closed wtf, you creating servers like pancakes
  3. I remember a guide here on editing .utx files... but can't find it, maybe someone can help me.
  4. I bet you are a player on the server that donated god knows how much money and still want to leave the impression to others that server is still good. Too bad reality is otherwise.
  5. I don't see any vazelos in his sentence.
  6. Shippuden != Manga you mean the anime, right?
  7. You asking why the server has been going for so many years? Because of the hidden corruption from staff side, selling stuff for real money and they being able to pay with some small amount of the money the hosting and the other big amount of money going in Hawaii on vacation, srsly, no wonder why greeks and latinos donated a shitoad of money on that server...
  8. soon they will get an xss vulnerability posted and sqli injection + deface on their website
  9. yeah and let's not forget gms that play on chars full equipped with +27 weapons killing players for their own entertaiment and also give to other players items and stuff.... how much more fail can this server be ?
  10. not sure if stupid or ... stupid it barely has 500-600 players because all left this due to the "updates" that turned the server into more custom than l2jbrazil and the community of the server is not like before, now it's full of latinos, so it's practically dead, RIP p.s: updates like some classes have in oly songs/dances other have panteras ( such as dwarfs and humans and orcs ) --> FAIL
  11. You need to ask me kindly and give me 1 karma for being a baws 8)
  12. 10-15 USD, wtf, I got 13 invites like a baws 8) and I don't charge any money.