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Contest [2010] Maxcheaters.com - Win 4X Uploaders Status!

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[Contest 2010] MaxCheaters.com - Win 4x Uploaders Status!


Well, Grisom and i Came up with an idea to make forum grow on those sections that are kinda .. "dead" 


-So what you will have to do in this competition in simple, share new programs/hacks/exploits in CS-WOW-L2 boards and by the end of january the winners will get the status of uploader-


The prizes:




1st) Uploader status (+3 Karma + Award)

2nd) Uploader status (+3 Karma)

3rd) Uploader status (+2 Karma)

4th) Uploader status (+1 Karma)


-EVERYONE can participate in this event, all you have to do is share and keep us informed of those shares*. By the end of january we will decide (depends the number of shares) new uploaders for our staff!


*To keep us informed reply here with the links of your shares (edit each time you add shares), we will check them.


(In order to participate pm Noble Or Maxtor to send you a list).




Rules edit:

- Only post in these hidden sections. (To prevent messing mxc)


[Contest] L2 Shares

[Contest] Warcraft Shares

[Contest] CS Shares


- Ah the end we will judge what will stay and what will be deleted.

- All current topics you have posted are moved there now. Please continue only there.

- Uselless topics and double-triple topics are rubish here, and also these will NOT make you uploaders.

- Dont forget to Hide some Shares.

- Report abusing here:






New Rule:


- All topics must be edited with the appropriate prefix @subject. Examples are:

For L2: [L2J] [L2OFF] [Exploit] [bot]

For CS: [Exploit] [Hack] [Trick] [Maps] [Addon]

For Warcraft: [Dota] [WoW] [Exploit] [bot] [Warcraft]





The basic criteria for the winners are:


- Best Shares of this contest.

- Most Shares of this contest.

- Not double/useless topics.


The winners will be announced based by a poll that will be created in 01.02.10 here.

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ok here is my share's and more come soon


[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Lineage II Exploits [English]


[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]World of Warcraft Exploits

[Comp]World of Warcraft Exploits

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike Maps & Addons

[Comp]World of Warcraft Wallpapers

[Comp]Lineage II Exploits [Greek]

[Comp]Lineage II Exploits [Greek]


[Comp]Lineage II Exploits [Greek]

[Comp]Counter Strike TuT

[Comp]Counter Strike Exploits

[Comp]World of Warcraft Exploits

[Comp]World of Warcraft Exploits

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares


[Comp]World of Warcraft Exploits

[Comp]World of Warcraft Guide

[Comp]World of Warcraft Guide

[Comp]World of Warcraft Guide

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]World of Warcraft Guide

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares


[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]World of Warcraft


[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]World of Warcraft

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike

[Comp]Counter Strike


[Comp]Lineage2 Shares

Verified by Maxtor®

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~World Of Warcraft

-Share~~~> WoW EmuHacker

-Tick/Exploit~~~> New way to kill goldsellers, or damage other players  

-Exploit~~~> EMU How to get to GM Island!

-Trick~~~> Free teleport to any dungeon location

-Exploit~~~> Flying in Azeroth

-Trick~~~> No Dmg from Mark of Fallen Champ

-Hack/Exploit~~~>  Jumping then teleporting

-Exploit~~~> Meta gems in all sockets

-Other~~~> Make gold with a friend

-Exploit~~~> Remove Honor Cap

-Bot/Share~~~> WoW Fisher

-Bug~~~> Sheen bug

-Exploit~~~> See Mob drops before killed

-Guide~~~> How to double WoW gold

-Guide~~~> How to make gold when leveling

-Guide~~~> How To Tank With Your Minion

-Addon~~~> WoW Shield

-Other~~~> [Dota] AI Map Commands

-Guide~~~> Hyjal Summit- Azgalor

-Share~~~>  WoW Addon Control Panel

-Share~~~> HoN Maphack v1.33 Updated

-Share~~~> CryptHack v1.24d

-Share~~~> Garena Auto-Joiner + Patcher v4.5c

-Hack~~~> Teleport Hack

-Share~~~> WoW Addons Downloader

-Addon~~~> Target

-Hack~~~> Garena hack

-Hack~~~> Garena Universal MapHack v4.1 - added 1.24d mh + camera hack

-Share~~~> Free WoW Bots Updated

-Share~~~> WoW Nude Patch


~Counter Strike 1.5,1.6,Source,Condition Zero

-Share ~~~> Exploits & Hacks.  

-Share~~~> AS Crosshair hack

-Share~~~> AimBoT v1.0

-Share~~~> HLGL by x3

-Share~~~> CS OGC FX v3.3  

-Share~~~> Some CS 1.6 Hacks

-Guide~~~> How to install hacks

-Tutorial~~~> CS Source Material Hack

-Share~~~> BadBoy v4.2

-Trick~~~> Slowhack and Speedhack

-Addon~~~> Spiderman Mod (Krotal) <Version 1.1>

-Addon~~~> Paintball Gun & Mod

-Addon~~~> Predator Mod

-Addon~~~> World of Warcraft Mod (CS 1.6)

-Addon~~~> Halo Mod v2.4

-Addon~~~> PokeMod v1.2.2

-Share~~~> Super Simple Wallhack v6.7

-Share~~~> Unreal-Stealth Public v6

-Share~~~> X-Spectate Remake 1.1

-Share~~~> Kartoffel-Hack 4.1 (CSS)

-Share~~~> [bLG] CSS Pub V5

-Share~~~> Game-Bandit CSS v1.2

-Share~~~> OldSchoolHack RC6 (CSS)

-Share~~~> Kartoffel-Hack 4.0 (CSS)

-Share~~~> Simple Css Hack 5.5

-Guide~~~> How to activate developer console in CSS

-Guide~~~> Sv_cheats 1 CS:S guide and console commands

-Share~~~> Steam Hack v4.0

-Share~~~> AbsoHack

-Share~~~> Windows 7 Ring0 hack(x32)

-Share~~~> bi0sBase Lite Esp

-Addon~~~> Chaos Mod

-Share~~~> Bunny hop script (CSS)

-Share~~~> AIO 1.6 Script

-Share~~~>  Cs 1.6 Buyscripts

-Share~~~> CS 1.6 Alpha Hack

-Share~~~> 730 CSS Scripts!

-Hack~~~> CS 1.6 Kreedz Hack

-Share~~~> MatHack 0.5.2 (CSS)

-Share~~~> FreakVision Wallhack (CSS)

-Share~~~> Super Simple ESP v5.0

-Share~~~> Super Simple Wallhack v6.71

-Share~~~> Steam Hack v12

-Share~~~> l33tPack 2.1.0 Final (CZ)

-Share~~~> CC 5.2 WH/AIM (CZ)

-Share~~~> I Love it Source

-Addon~~~> Public

-Plugin~~~> Bloodyknife

-Plugin~~~> Change Team fast

-Plugin~~~> Simple Chat Messages

-Share~~~> Neferty Hook v1.3 (CS 1.5)

-Super-Share~~~> CS Scripts


~Lineage 2

-Exploit ~~~>  Fast Casting Exploit


-Exploit ~~~> Instant Respawn

-Exploit ~~~> Buff your main with your sub

-Exploit~~~>Auto Res And Invisible with L2phx

-Exploit~~~> Gracia Part 2 Buffer stats ++++

-Exploit~~~> Bug For Faction Server

-Share~~~> Small AIO

-Trick~~~> Faction Server

-Trick~~~> How to take PK in Coliseum

-Exploit~~~> Stuck Symbols

-Exploit~~~> Help.htm

-Guide~~~> Decode Lineage2 Music




~Lineage 2

-Guide ~~~> Bug For RB  EN,RU,GR

-Guide ~~~> Enchance Your Weapon Quest

-Other~~~> Ways To Earn Adena On L2Gold  

-Trick~~~> Gia Na Skotwnete Allous Players Se Perioxes Me PK Guards[GR]



Some of my shares are locked because I have made them before Maxtor made the Contest Section. So I can't add credits,hide.


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[share]Orc begins 11 Public 3.0

[share]SSW 6.2

[share]Code 88

[share]SuperSimpleWallhack 6.5

[share]bi0sbase lite esp





Eveything uploaded by me

Wait for more shares



Verified by Maxtor®


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Show me ONLY HERE your work in ONE topic/per user and edit links with "subject" like Commodus did.

- Also dont forget the "hide button".

- PM me whoever wants to participate so i can send him a list.



Edit 2:



One question , the shares we have already done count or only the new ones?


New ones, posted from 29/12/09 .


- Also Devangell™ edit your posts title again. [ u r l = ] test [ / u r l]



Edit 3:




[Contest] L2 Shares

[Contest] Warcraft Shares

[Contest] CS Shares






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Maxtor what these guys are doing is just c/ping from other sites. Do they really deserve a position in the staff if they act like 10 YOs? :/

Actually the rank of Uploader has been misunderstood. Uploader is just Uploader . you know UP+LOADER = Uploader. Its kinda staff, but they are not admins. They just "Share".

Besides not ALL topics will be published. Some of them will be deleted (double, useless, no credits)


Really,Maxtor,GrisoM and generally the stuff get mad when someone leech some topics from mxc,but some guys here only for the  contest,have leech soooo many topics,not only its c/p(you can do that sometimes...but not always) all of em,not only the didnt give any infos(not all of em)but  i dont see credits in their post...


As i said, some topics will be deleted (useless,no credits) .

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My shares till now, on MxCheaters forum.


!Updated: 27 Times


- Shared on [glow=red,2,300]10.01.1010.[/glow]

- [share] L2JAttacker Fix [ Interlude ]

- [share]Remove PVPFlag, command


- Shared on [glow=red,2,300]07.01.2010.[/glow]

- [share-Updated] New* Away Command


- Shared on  [glow=red,2,300]04.01.2010.[/glow]

- [share] Java buff Function, Simple


- Shared on  [glow=red,2,300]31.12.2009.[/glow]

- [share] Disable Grade / Weight Penalty

- [share] Gracia Epilogue Precompiled Pack

- [share] Low Level Protection System

- [share] Critical Cap ( Max Critical )

- [share] TvT Commands ( L2J )


- Shared on  [glow=red,2,300]30.12.2009.[/glow]

- [Guide][share][int] FloodProtection Rework. Important !

- [share][int] Sethero / Noble Commands for Admin.

- [share] Enchant, preventing some exploits.

- [share] Unknown Packets ( PHX ) Spam protection.

- [share][int]Max CP Exploit fix.

- [share][int] Shots, preventing exploits.

- [share][int] Fix potions, when attacking with skill.

- [Guide] Gain skill when in Jail zone.

- [share][int] R-L Bluff effect.

- [share] Damage configuration, Useful for PvP Servers

- [share][int] Blow skill rates.

- [share][int] Retail-Like, reworked Boat engine

- [share][int] Signet Skills L2J. (Core + DP ) Support

- [share] Chat filter system.


- [glow=red,2,300]Older Shares.[/glow]

- [Compiled] Archid + Jenova

- [Compiled] Hardcode

- [share] Auto-Loot Raid

- [share] Event engines.

- [share] Server bypass Protection

- [share] Configurable GM Message !!

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Remember that its about Quality and NOT the Quantity of the shares.


leeching l2vault/fpsbanana/other forums with old/useless things will make you nothing.

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    • Hello everyone!    This is a HTML/CSS Project for people that want to link wiki articles to their website (homepage or other). The wiki used to link was: https://l2.wiki/essence/ - This wiki looks super cool, it's not official but looks wonderful 🙂   Demo of the section: https://un1k.digital/l2wiki Done in dark gray but you can change the colors easily on css file.   Files: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f31i0ycwlu7e4rv/l2wiki.rar/file   - How to setup in my index.html?   Step 1: Link the wiki.css file in your index.html, inside the <head> (Make sure to check if it's linked to the right folder)   <link href="css/wiki.css" rel="stylesheet">   Step 2: Move the images that came on files to your images folder. (If your folder wasn't named "images" will be needed to rename the direction of the images on html code.)   Step 3:  Add the HTML code to your index.html, inside the <body>. (Choose the best location for it, maybe above the footer)   <!--wiki--> <section class="l2wiki"> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper"> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-title"><img src="images/icon-title-left.png"> <span>L2 Wiki</span> <img src="images/icon-title-right.png"></div> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content"> <!--wiki updates--> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-latest"> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-latest-guides"> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/pvp-system/en" target="_blank"> <div class="tags"> <span class="tag-orange">New</span> <span>Update</span> <span>PvP</span> </div> <span>New Detailed PvP System [Vanguard Update]</span> </a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/122" target="_blank"> <div class="tags"> <span class="tag-orange">New</span> <span>Class</span> </div> <span>Sylph Guide [Updated August 01</span> </a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/122" target="_blank"> <div class="tags"> <span>Update</span> <span>Class</span> </div> <span>Sylph Guide [Updated July 20]</span> </a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/auto-hunting-system/en" target="_blank"> <div class="tags"> <span>Update</span> <span>Gameplay</span> </div> <span>Auto Hunting System [Updated July 08]</span> </a> </div> </div> <!--end wiki updates--> <!--wiki list--> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list"> <!--first list--> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content"> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content-links"> <span>Monsters by Level:</span> <div> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/1/19/Monster" target="_blank">1~19</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/20/29/Monster" target="_blank">20~29</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/30/39/Monster" target="_blank">30~39</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/40/49/Monster" target="_blank">40~49</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/50/59/Monster" target="_blank">50~59</a> <span class="more-dropdown">More<img src="images/arrow-up.png"> <div class="more-dropdown-list"> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/60/69/Monster" target="_blank">60~69</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/70/79/Monster" target="_blank">70~79</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/monsters-by-level/80/90/Monster" target="_blank">80~90</a> </div> </span> </div> </div> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content-img"> <img src="images/bosses.jpg"> </div> </div> <!--end first list--> <!--second list--> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content"> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content-links"> <span>Classes:</span> <div> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/122" target="_blank">Sylph</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/111" target="_blank">Kamael</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/103" target="_blank">Dwarf</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/84" target="_blank">Orc</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/60" target="_blank">Dark Elf</a> <span class="more-dropdown">More<img src="images/arrow-up.png"> <div class="more-dropdown-list"> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/34" target="_blank">Elf</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/skill-tree/0" target="_blank">Human</a> </div> </span> </div> </div> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content-img"> <img src="images/classes.jpg"> </div> </div> <!--end second list--> <!--second list--> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content"> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content-links"> <span>Gameplay:</span> <div> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/olympiad/en" target="_blank">Olympiad</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/castle-sieges/en" target="_blank">Sieges</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/auto-hunting-system/en" target="_blank">Auto Hunting</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/pets/en" target="_blank">Pets</a> <span class="more-dropdown">More<img src="images/arrow-up.png"> <div class="more-dropdown-list"> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/magic-lamp/en" target="_blank">Magic Lamp</a> <a href="https://l2.wiki/essence/wiki/gameplay/rankings/en" target="_blank">Rankings</a> </div> </span> </div> </div> <div class="l2wiki-wrapper-content-list-content-img"> <img src="images/gameplay.jpg"> </div> </div> <!--end second list--> </div> </div> </div> </section> <!--end wiki-->   And that's it! 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    • The point of emulating the gameplay of a client you like is to be able to modify it and change what doesn't appeal to you. That's why l2j exists in the first place. The bug you mentioned is just what we call it, a 'bug'. L2j fixing this bug is not a bad thing so I don't understand your point about the Critical Hit message (unless you were trying to prove you know all the details about l2off which I already believe you for).   I'm not the developer or have anything to do with L2Reborn other than playing in x30. I didn't start defending l2j from you, you pointed out that you don't like java servers and you prefer l2off, that's why this conversation started. And I still believe Reborn is a good server, at least in most players' eyes.
    • Thank you for sharing this with us!   
    • Oh maybe you are using aCis which is one way directed. Internal or External.  Which means that either you run the server on (localhost) or you run it by your external IP with portforwarding to your dhcp assigned 192.168...etc. But I've figured it out on how to trick the system of course in a limited way up to 4 external PCs (free plan) using Hamachi. This can help you build the server testing with your friends before you host it on production!  If you need more information on how to do that don't hesitate to hit me up on PM.
    • bro don't get me wrong , i don't want to flame you but the title says [Share] Free DenArt...  this is more of a freemium i guess anyway i wish you good luck ... stupid is not the one who ask is the one who give .
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