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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 Emerland


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Welcome to Lineage ][ Emerland


L][Emerland is a Lineage II Private Server (Based in L2Joneo project) special created

for PvP Combat Mode with Special features and custom systems.











-== Rates ==-

Exp: x2000

Sp: x2000

Drop: x1


Adena: x1000

Spoil: x1



-== Features ==-

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT Areas

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT Mobs

C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT Skills


2h Buffs

Spawn Protection - 30 seconds

Geodata and Pathnode

Cursed Weapons

Auto Learn Skills

No Grade penalty

No Custom



-== Enchant ==-

Weapons: 75%

Armors: 70%

Jewels: 70%

Crystal Scroll :77%

Bless Scroll :100%

Maximum: +30

Safe: +7



-== NPC's ==-

GM Shop - You can buy anything you want.Weapons,Armors,Jewles,Potions,Scrolls etc. [No Raid Boss Jewels]

Gatekeeper - You can teleport to any place you want.

NPC Buffer - Gives support magic to help you in game.

Class Changer - You can change your class there.

Custom Trader. - You can Buy Custom Items.

Custom Skill Enchanter. - You can Enchant your skill here.

Custom Augmenter. - You can Augment your weapons here.

Custom PK/PVP Protector. -Protect Save Farm Zones from PK/PVP killing.

Custom Change Name Npc. -You can Change name.

Custom Top Pk/Pvp Npc. -Ingame Npc you can see the top players of the server.



-== Working Features ==-

Wedding System

Clan System

Fishing System

Olympiad System

Subclass System


Hero System

Noblesse System

Clan Halls System

Duel System

Augmentation System(active,passive,chance)

Enchant Skills System



-== Events ==-

Auto Events : Team Vs Team(Every 45 minutes)

Auto Event: CTF Event (Every Hours)

Event :Vip Event

Event :Strider Race Event

Event :DeathMatch Event



-== Custom Systems ==-

custom enchant your items  never crystalized.

normal scroll :decrease enchant lvl -5.

crystal scroll :decrease enchant lvl -1.

Custom Java Pk/PvP Protect System

Customs RBs

Custom Euro System

Custom Hero/Nobless/Rec Item

Auto Nobless Mode(you dont loose buff after dead)

Farm zone Paradise with 3 main spots (Protected)

Farm zone Wasteland with 3 main spots(Protected)

Pvp Combo Zone with randoms spawns locations

Castle Lords System: When a Castle Lord logged into the game his name is announced.

PVP/PK Color System

PvP System: Every time you take 1 PvP Point you recieved 100 Euro.(Euro are needed to buy Customs Items)

Pk System: Every time you take 1 PK Point you recieved 100 Euro.(Euro are needed to buy Customs Items).

TOP Weapons Emerland: (Emerland weapons  Have   same P/M Attack with S grades  enchanted +14)

TOP Armors Emerland:(Emerland Armor have same Pdef with S grade Set enchanted +14,500 hp ,200 cp)


-== Server Machine ==-


   *  Phenom Quad 955 3.2Ghz

   * 8192 MB DDR3 RAM

   * 500 GB 7.200 RPM

   * 2000 GB Traffic p/m


-== Speed Test ==-





-== WebSite ==-







and much more Join Us!




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UnBanned ? O.o



Look at his karma. It is 9 from SHARES, neither AIOs nor donation.

L2Exploits section was full of his shares.




That's not true. If you are trying to destroy us, find another way to do it (bit hard though).

If you mean an ingame BUG then report it at the forum, don't spam here.



Let me add on what Serk told that most of the NPCs and a few items are java sided, which means less lag at the server and bigger success.

Oh and L2Emerland = L2Justice, so don't get confused ;)

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We removed customs for now.

Although only 1/4 of the people that were on yesterday, are on now.


We will wait to see if more people come within the next 2 days.

If nothing happens, then we will think seriously about what we'll do.

One good idea would be to rollback, or run the script to replace the s grades with the customs..


No one knows..



By the way, server opened ... ?

People On :) ?

And most important is it hard to get Blessed scrolls?


The server is open for one month o.O

Blessed Scrolls can b obtained if you kill with 1-2 parties our special RB.

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Well, even if most of the people voted to remove the customs, once we did it we lost 3/4 of our players.

So we had to roll back. And voila! Here they are again :D

Have fun, the server is now as it was yesterday.

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