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  1. Με gift κανεις το refound..
  2. I'm back and im also interested to be long time developer , stuff also has a nice price.
  3. Interpid code was just to not consume ss.
  4. Sorry , due some personal problems i wansn't online for those who interest pm me again thanks at all.
  5. I'll be offline until tommorow night.
  6. First of all thanks for the good words , i don't have a list yet and yesterday i didn't had free time talk to me again.
  7. Just try Windows 7 Manager features it will make your pc quite faster.
  8. Since the last money few guys trying to present my as Scammer after all this years which never got a report i'm willing to sell everything i have everything i made-collect all this years price will be low I don't care about development anymore it beeing bored nowdays realizing that out there nothing deserv a sh1t. Pm me here or add me at Skype : krashitogr.
  9. To κομματι του RequestByPassToServer εχει μπει σε λαθος σημειο.
  10. You don't even know how to writte "custom" properly.
  11. Ναι ακριβώς αύτο που λες είναι if...
  12. You don't have the original mafia and core files for sure I'm not 100% sure for mafia but for core yes i am.
  13. Thats nice , but until you do that make sure that you system won't get cracked.
  14. They won't get you serius since there is no preview also your informations are not enough for someone which intresting of buying it.
  15. You probably mean JailBrake i'm right?