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Skill enchant up to +30, adding other classes skills


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I can not see the post, but if what I know worked in dragon-network on all servers(15x, 30x, 10x,200x), now only in the arena 200x, on other Drake Disable Enchant skills npc but have one more and he dont disable, does not talk, find out ^ ^

shot00005wk.png In DN 15x,


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is not working even in interlude lol.When get that packet D0 07 00 1E 00 00 00 65 00 00 00   then you change to 65 to 76 you will be kicked bla bla bla


ur guys say working without testing....


its working on most C4/HB (vdll)

most IL are running depmax which has a fix for it. early IL servers are also vulnerable.

No idea about the ones using recent gracia dll's from v


all of these are official/retail server, not L2J.

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Enchant / add skill script (HB-Gracia)

Hidden Content. You need to become Premium Member in order to view this.

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how much dumb y'all have to be to posting on a topic that u cant see?


You can't see it too so don't talk!! When you become platinum from Greece with 5 karma and 2k posts, then come again!


Hidden Content. You need to become Premium Member in order to view this.

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Its funny to hide my posts for more posts than i have and then I CANT EVEN READ REPLIES TO WHAT I POSTED. How dumb is that?

All i'm getting is a nice "2 karma" that is useless, lol.

Thus here is it with only login restriction again.



Reason skill enchant is disabled on Dragon-Network is that this bug is not yet fixed.

You do not need any BOG.


Step by step:


1 - Have L2PHX, WPF, or another packet editor started and functional

2 - Login, and go to your skill enchanting NPC

3 - Try to enchant a skill and capture the packet

4 - Paste this packet as new packet to send, and modify the skill enchant value (default HEX: 65 for most skills) to the enchant target you desire (Eg. HEX 74 is +16)

5 - send the packet until enchant succeed (it still takes XP when it fails, but does not require a bog, and you directly have +16)


Simple no?


Now how to add other classes skills:


Do the same as skill enchant, but ALSO replace the skill id by another ENCHANTABLE skill id.


if you don't know where to find skill id's, extract them with L2FileEdit from your system .dat or look up eg here:

http://lineage.pmfun.com/list/skill, click on the skill then check the image of the skill, it has the skill id inside

eg: http://lineage.pmfun.com/data/img/skill0276_0.png is dance of concentration, skill id 276. Convert it to HEX (L2PHX has a Hex converter integrated), put the enchant value eg to +16 again (74 in HEX) and send the packet.

Even if the enchant fails, you get Dance of concentration.


Enjoy and have fun



ps: yes, this was a very easy to find exploit

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its hidden from google etc.

and u dont have to donate to read it.



koyfo has told that good exploits must be hidded for obvious reasons (leeching).

You can hide it for 100 posts for example.

But you MUST hide it...


less hidding posts........

works in OFF servers?

yes nice

Ha Dn players ? I bet Simun clan  ;D

please decrease the number of posts  ;D


First and last Warning 2 all of you.



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in DN dont work MORE... drake FIX it with TURN OFF NPC


by deleting the npc you dont fix something...

if he had fixed it, the npc would be there, ready for action :P

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