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  1. This one can be closed. Just played with UserInfo.java and CharInfo.java. Added condition to check if underwear slot is used, and if so, replaced armor parts with underwear ID. Works as expected. Thanks!
  2. So, maybe Tryskell or SweeTs will be able to let me know where I shall take a look on server code side? :)
  3. So, does it mean that server decides what client should display and sends this info to client, then client receives packet and displays what server said?
  4. Hello! At start, I do not know if I posted in correct forum section - hard to say, if this is more client side or server side related. I've created single item that after equipping, covers whole armor set - yeah, just simple joined all armorgrp entries for upper, lower, boots and gloves into one single line. The effect is that I have single item, which after equip changes appearance - like formal wear. Ok, this part is working as expected until... I change armor type in server-side xml file from alldress to underwear. I would like to have item, which doesn't unequip normal armor set, but w
  5. What about this one? Should I wait for share, or you won't post it here? :P
  6. Is anyone able to reshare it to some another hosting? :)
  7. Dunno if will work in 356+ And about instruction... What is not clear there? :)
  8. Agree. Just needed asap some tool to generate .xls for items. Looks shitty but works - that's the point ;) It was faster to code such shitty tool than write xml's one by one :D My point was: "Your tool looks great! You could make it awesome, multifunctional tool also for all l2j xml's." ;) So... Keep calm and good luck with developing this tool ;) Ps. If you already coded some tool for items, would be great if you share it! ;)
  9. For sure you will have to play with code ;) Anyway, look here - might be helpful: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/137427-sell-buff-system-190-interlude/ ​ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/144720-sell-buff-freya-l2jserver/
  10. Yeah, I like it too. I found that engine when I was looking for some StackSubclass solution. SubClassAcumulative works great, but by default it allows to stack skills from main + all 3 subclasses. Anyway, here is simple modification which leaves main skills untouched and all of subclasses gets only own skills+skills from main. Just edit SubclassAcumulative.java and change: // SQL private static final String RESTORE_SKILLS_FOR_CHAR = "SELECT skill_id,skill_level,class_index FROM character_skills WHERE char_obj_id=?"; to this one: // SQL private static final String RESTORE_SKILLS_FOR_C
  11. Hello, I would like to share with you some project I found on one Spanish forum. It's MOD Engine developed by Fissban. This engine will have a system of listeners and codes that allow us to easily design all our mods almost without modifying the core of our project, this will make it easier to update our pack and avoid programming errors.​ SVN https://svn.code.sf.net/p/l2devs-custom/code/ TIMELINE https://sourceforge.net/p/l2devs-custom/code/commit_browser WIKI https://sourceforge.net/p/l2devs-custom/wiki/browse_pages/ ​ Installation: Requirements: Having the latest revisi
  12. That is not big problem to remake custom sql to ini files and make items working with acis. Simply: copy -> paste -> change values :)