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  1. Old Trick, dont work in new servers. Cuz u cant more deposit Heros Weapons.
  2. This Server is very GOOD. Pm DoG if you are new i can help you.
  3. Is not with this progams, is others Exploit, have 2 more, one gm disable npcs, but have one more. And no need bog's ;D And have more bugs on DN 15x like this: (Not fake)
  4. I can not see the post, but if what I know worked in dragon-network on all servers(15x, 30x, 10x,200x), now only in the arena 200x, on other Drake Disable Enchant skills npc but have one more and he dont disable, does not talk, find out ^ ^ In DN 15x,
  5. Is not Exploid. Is server with much PartyXpRate=9999+
  6. Servers with ///fly is to hard search. I never see.
  7. when he said, was not blocked the post. blocked after i see =). Run on various L2j Gracia pt2.
  8. I cant open Inventory, Pet Inventory, and trade window. Automatic close. Not work in Gracia