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[GUIDE]Trickster PvP


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Before I start, I would like to be clear. Everything that i write down is the way I PLAY, I do not care if you like it or not, its TESTED and proven that it works(properly). I emphasize this is for high rate/mid rate servers where you can use buffers and so on easily(not like low rate to pay 30 k for buffs from PPs). Another thing, in 99.99 % of the L2J servers traps of tricksters DO NOT work, which makes this class useless. First i ll make a quick review of the class, then a little bit of skill explanation and then some pvp hints.



Why trickster but not any other archer?


Dark Elf base stats: STR 41 CON 31 DEX 34

INT 25 MEN 26 WIT 12


Human base stats: STR 40 CON 43 DEX 30

INT 21 MEN 25 WIT 11


Elf base stats: STR 36 CON 36 DEX 35

INT 23 MEN 26 WIT 14


Kamael base stats: STR 39 CON 29 Dex 36

INT 28 MEN 27 WIT 11


So compared with the other classes, you have a little bit less str (p.att) than humans and dark elfs and you have the HIGHEST dex ( Atk. Spd., Critical and Speed stats through the DEX modifier). I ll come to the CON in a minute.


So you have the highest DEX... THATS what you should be looking baring in mind that you are range attacker, you run fast (possible kiting), you attack fast(bare in mind the mid-high p.att, and you deal lovely crit dmgs). What else you can ask for.


Tricksters also have very low accuracy which makes it a nightmare vs daggers, because of their evasion landin a hit on them is 1 out of 10.


DYES: I do regret dyes... normally archers put on +4 Str/dex -8 dex, BUT tricksters got VERY low con which will lead to 100 % stun from other classes, UNLESS you are in a very high level clan and have the passive skills for stun resist and have the crown for 10 seconds 100 % stun resists(yep i had that, HE with +10 stun shot could not stun me for 5 mins, then we gave up).


Now back to CON, to make the things balanced kamaels have very low constitution therefore you get less hp, but thats not the worst, the worst is that you are vulnerable to stun/bleeding attacks. Okey lets get real, no1 uses bleeding attacks on pvp servers but stun... IN EVERY SINGLE game (you just name it) if your character does not have one of the following - stun, immobilization, LL or slow, is totally useless. Now remember this line that i just wrote, you ll find out why tricksters are so powerful.


But still WHY THE HELL trickster... well you ll find out in the pvp hints.


Skill knowledge


On a high rate servers, attacking skills are a bit useless, they do slow you down... and hoping for critical, well might happen might not(tricksters got a passive skill that increases their crit rate and their crit dmg), but every second count due to the low duration of 1 pvp (5 -10 secs, excluding tanks).


ATTACK BUTTON - its not a skill obviously, but you ll laugh if u see how many ppl dont put it on their skill bar. ITS SOMETHING MAIN FOR ARCHERS, you are gonna press it every friggin single time you kit(kitin - runing and attacking) someone.


Now i ll list the 3 MAIN traps I use:

331og1u.png- Binding trap - Holding the target for period of time (root)

2d12x46.png- Flash trap - Stuns the enemy.

10msun5.png- Slow trap - Slows the enemy.


Those are the main traps that i use. Normally it gets up to 2 traps, 3rd one is optional vs tank/duelists (i ll explain later in the pvp section).


Real target - lowers your enemy defence to crossbow to 6x % and bow 30-40 %. - HERE IS UR LOVELY HEX.


Decoy - Creates a clone of urself. What the clone do is cast aggression every like 4-5 seconds. I know its a good skill but i do not use it.

1g3kw.png- Imbue Dark Seed - Paralyze the target after period of time. My favorite skill.


Imbue Seed of Destruction - blocks enemy's physical and magic skills.


Ultimate Escape - increase ur speed / evasion significantly. I do not use it that often, only in cases of actual escape.


Warp - teleports you to the battle front (like 10 steps in front). The best skill ever...


Prannah - increase ur m.def for 30 seconds.


Soul barrier - increase ur m.def and resist to archery for 15 seconds


Soul Cleance - (or somethin like that) removes up to 3 debuffs.


Furious Soul - Increase your critical rate / critical dmg reduces ur p.def (I use it only vs mages)


Buffs that you must ALWAYS have on you - counter critical & chant of protection (YES they stack)


PvP hints:


Friendly chars to kill:[/color]:


x. All types of mages

x. All types of archers

x. All types of tanks

x. All types of daggers




x. Soul hound

x. Duelist



I ll start one by one, first about the mages. Tricksters are the worst nightmare for mages, with my trickster which normally has 2k m.def, with Prannah + Soul Barrier + heroic miracle i boosted it to 14k. Yes i was able to tank 10 mages, kill 4 of them and run away SAFE ! Now fighting them is easy b4 u start (in 1vs1), you cast 1 or both, depends how you feel like, normally i liked to make them miserable so I used both and used to give them 5 seconds b4 i start attacking. MAIN THING vs mages, never ever stay close to them, STAY AWAY FROM vampiric mist (81 level necro skill) same for SpH and SpS's barriers. EVEN if you get them on you, DO NOT WORRY !!! use your soul clearance that removes up to 3 debuffs and you are back to speed, rest is easy.


Archers: even against those chars you have something in your pocket - Soul Barrier which increases your archery resist. Also DO NOT forget to stay as much closer as possible, because for all archers, as far as you are from the target the more dmg you will do, so staying close to your target will make the things easy for you. You can use also the fear shot skill which has VERY close range. How to get close to them... well apart from being the fastest character in the L2, you have warp... which teleports you some dinstance in front of you. so all that is easy.


Tanks: Archery resist should not worry you AT ALL, yeah true you ll do them a lot less dmg and the fight will take like 1-2 up to 5 mins but its all good, at the end you are the winner. The main skills you use are ur traps and seeds, in order to use a trap you MUST be far from your target, in order to reach this "far" use warp... I ALWAYS start my fight with stun trap, once i set my trap i stay on it until the target comes to me... if it starts running away i chase him, and when he starts coming back... well i go back to my trap. Once its stuned (traps are 100 %) start using the paralyze and p/m skill block seeds, until it gets in... once it is in... warp, set up 2nd trap no metter which one (slow, hold... stun will be on CD) and just attack(kit) and wait the seed to take effect(forgot to say, i just use the paralyze one). Once your target is paralyzed warp next to it ASAP and cast another dark seed while ur target is still paralyzed. NOW THATS THE IMPORTANT THING if u manage to do that all the time, your target will stay paralyzed FOREVER (max 1-2 seconds in between seeds)


NOTICE: In some cases you might get ur seed on u because of the skill return on tanks, no worries... just use soul clearance.


Daggers: same as tanks, get away from ur target using warp, set ur stun trap, dark seed, warp, hold trap, stay next to it, once the target comes to you, warp again to get away till then it should be paralyzed. If the dagger is not that dangerous just attack for the time the paralyze is down it will be dead.


Duelists: Those guys have givin me hard time. As an archer NEVER EVER TANK your target!!! What you do is... use ur slow trap at the begining, and just kit your target all the way down. TRY to keep as much distance as possible from ur target, because the player will use range skills, you still have like 50 range more than him, and thats what can win you the match.


Soul Hounds: They do depend on their Steal devinity which steals 7 random buffs (last buffs that you have). So... ALWAYS remember, before you go to the Buffin NPC, 1st cast your self buffs(thats not just for tricksters but for every single class) then use the npc. Soul Hounds are both mele characters and mage characters, so prannah and soul barrier might do you well... AFTER THEY USE Steal Devinity.



Thats a lot of skills isnt it? Now here it depends how skillful you are... as a person, because most of the time ppl depend on their equipment. Now is the time to write: THOSE HINTS HAVE BEEN TESTED WHEN I WAS PLAYING WITH B grade(doom set) and hero weapon vs S84 equipments. All the players were professionals in their classes, and all of the matches except for the match with the soul hounds were won.



Thanks for readin.

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Trickster is awesome at archers party...but its being ignored due to players ignorance of its gameplay


an archer party with a Trickster replacing one archer is a winner at any pvp situation... huge mdef Prahnah buff and the ability to get closer and paralise an enemy healler, and run away fast to escape is just awesome

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if this is a guide from you, so some1 should give him +1 karma.

honestly, i never played one and i never will. But for those who understand about kamaels, this is very useful.

Congratulations, (:

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