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  1. It has been posted again , but yours is with ss...gj !
  2. you won`t see this trick working on modern servers ... it says " You don`t have enough adena" or smth like that :)
  3. On some servers it says "You cannot see target" .
  4. Augmentation failed ... i will keep trying on another servers .
  5. Is not working on all sv`s... didn`t worked for me.
  6. That mean that you helped me +1 vote , and i need 1472 more to win my prize` , understand ? Thx 4 click`ing
  7. I found a Interesting Game` , and i need your help to won a prize !! You can can help me by Click`ing the adress i will give everyday` ! i hope you will help me ` , Thx !! The Adress is : http://www.e-album.ro/membru.php?id=32858 !!! thx again , and pls click it everyday !!! You can Play too !