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[WTS] Gear on L2-Renewal

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Apella Heavy Set

Apella Light Set

Imperial Crusader Set

Full S Jewel Set

+13 Shining Bow Focus

90kk AA


all for 35 euros, pm me if interesed.


throwing in my custom OOG walker (will never be patched/stop working) for an additional 15 euros.

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anyone else who is interested you will need to PM me for my MSN.


im talking to people right now so its a first come, ONLY ACCEPTING MONEY TRADES, NO OTHER TRADES. first serve basis.

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U will need new walker info with the new hb update


no, i will not. when i say it can never be patched i mean it can never be patched.


im interested just for the bow,tell the price here ;D


id be willing to sell the bow alone for 15 euros, seeing how you can donate for a +12 bow for 100 euros, this would be quite a deal :)

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i had full boss jewels but i already sold them, read my post above "ONLY ACCEPTING MONEY TRADES, NO OTHER TRADES". 15 euros for a +13 SB focus is pretty much giving it away for free.


im obviously quitting the server, why would i want more gear?

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