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Flood Protection For all Chat!

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Hello there i made this rework bcauz in many server exist the bug with phx, flooding all typo of chat and Lagging the server... well here the solution ;]


Protected Chats are: !,@,#,$,%And the general chat ofc ;P


The main idea for those typo protection was from fordfrog.


This made for L2JArchid but you can make it for any pack just changing the imports.


#Flood protection By Cobra.

#Chat Delay for General Chat,Ally Chat,Clan Chat,Party Chat,GlobalChat.

# Following settings can be applied to each feature:

# Interval - interval in gameserver ticks (1 tick = 100ms) in which only one

#            request is allowed

# LogFlooding - whether flooding should be logged (only first ocurrance of

#              flooding and total count of flood requests is logged)

FloodProtectorChatAllInterval = 50

FloodProtectorChatAllLogFlooding = False

FloodProtectorChatAllianceInterval = 50

FloodProtectorChatAllianceLogFlooding = False

FloodProtectorChatClanInterval = 50

FloodProtectorChatClanLogFlooding = False

FloodProtectorChatPartyInterval = 50

FloodProtectorChatPartyLogFlooding = False

FloodProtectorChatShoutInterval = 50

FloodProtectorChatShoutLogFlooding = False






p.s: 50 = 5 second delay!




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i thought it was one forum to cheat not to protect, btw thx for the share rly usefull to me


I'm here to fix bugs not to exploit so...


You do your exploit i do my fixes....


We need each other , "hackers" to find bugs "dev" to fix them... is like a game ^.^

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i thought it was one forum to cheat not to protect, btw thx for the share rly usefull to me


its the circle of lineage you noobs are cheat and we make your exploited lifes a living hell!haha


i use that flood protection since its released on l2j forum(with some more addon but thats only for chat so...)and it works great^^

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What's the point to add floodprotector on the chat? I mean, for what reason a character should be able to talk only every 5 seconds?

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