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  1. Not hating, but you seriously should use some more meaningful commit names, 'fixed some issues' - it does not tell much.
  2. Matim

    EN My mobile game

    Yes it is my game... not sure what do you mean with that?
  3. Hey guys, I once posted about it few years back, but would like to post again, I would like to show you my mobile game about construction, it has over 30 million downloads, so it is quite good game, drive over 25 heavy equipment vehicles to complete various tasks, please rate if you like it, it helps a lot, thanks :) DOWNLOAD
  4. Hello, I have just published my another mobile game, previous one was quite successful with over 25.000.000 downloads, if anyone could give a try and RATE I would be super thankful :) Free for Android/iOS: Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heavyfall.diego1iOS:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/diego/id1363642039
  5. Hello guys, some members might remember me :) I just published a sequel to my highly popular android game (over 10 million downloads) If anyone would be kind enough to DOWNLOAD and rate or share, it would be super helpful! Download for Android [/img] iOS version is coming soon! Thank you for anyone who helped :)
  6. Almost 4 million now, growing fast : ) Cheers.
  7. Just reached 2.000.000 downloads, thank to everyone who was kind enough to support it on beginning with download/rating.
  8. Thank you very much :) Well maybe in near future, for now my game is getting more and more popular day by day so far 10.000-50.000 downloads, so I will probably consider making iOS version :)
  9. Hello, I just have published my first android game, I will be ultra grateful if you can DOWNLOAD and RATE it please! Download from Google Play Store: DOWNLOAD! Let me know what you think, thank you :)!
  10. Hello, I would like to ask some people from different countries, to translate little text, description of my game which is going to be published tomorrow in the market. Currently I got: - English - Polish - Thai I would be grateful especially for Greece, Russian, German, French, Spanish but each different one will be welcome. Thank you.
  11. Unfortunately frame rate is not perfect even on top devices.
  12. Thanks, it might be good idea for another game ^-^ We are currently performing alpha tests and will be releasing the game soon. Here's a trailer showing some gameplay features and mainly focusing on built-in level editor. Watch in 720p for the best quality! Construction City ALPHA
  13. Offtopic, though only slightly! Who designed pes logo?
  14. In my case (gmail as well) confirmation mail was sent into spam folder.
  15. Hey, have you ever tried to connect device (phone/tablet) with PC/TV using HDMI? If yes, do you think it would be possible to use this approach to record video from screen ? (most likely from PC using some kind of recorder) ? I am looking for a way to record HD promo video for my game, and thought about buying micro HDMI adapter, cheers.
  16. Hehe It has been finished like 2-3 months ago, unfortunately due to one major issue which I am currently unable to fix (little, but important issue with physics) I put project on hold, but we are not wasting time, already finished and beta testing new game, will come back to diego probably soon as well if I will find idea how to fix issue :) 2nd game: Generally - 13 realistic construction machines, cranes, excavator, trucks, forklift and more ... :)
  17. Hold on, those were some fucking fabulous commands! Well that`s a good example, I was kinda noob ::)
  18. What are/will be main advantages to contribute/work with this project instead of ACIS?
  19. If he wants that, its his choice, sometimes real newbies are inventors of really great things, everyone has to start somewhere.