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  1. bgazei kapio error sto deleteme.. episis to hi5kai to freya allazoun se liga pragmata opote den nomizw na paizei rolo..
  2. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/14/123213c.png/ den kserw gt .. to pack einai h5 alla den nomizw na paizei rolo..i kanw la8os ?:D
  3. i search but nothing..also dont post if you dont have answer...post answer or link ...
  4. how i can make npc's sell enchanted items? multisell way or java ? if u know please answer me :D
  5. XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAAX..omg man you are god... i have 1 question...if i set it to hold a weapon,he attack normally?or just move it around ? nice share..keep up :D
  6. sorry..problem solved..(mistake) someone can lock the topic ?
  7. login write account ... created..and then nothink..
  8. [Request] Dev Help [L2J] En... i am runing from same pc for test reasons.. ip's are in l2.ini in configs.. server is up ,i select the server but i cant log in to create a char...;/
  9. i cant log in to server on local... to l2.ini to all config's server checking the account an let me pass the lisence table..but after lisence table cant log to char selection ct2.3 ( gracia final)