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[Share] A-Z Plug-ins.


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Hello there today its my second share that i wanted to show you since i didn't find anything like it yet in the forum so i decided why wont we have it ?


This rar contains the most famous plug-ins from the letter A to the letter Z


There is a TXT file in each plugin[rar] explaining what for is the plugin and an mini-installation guide


Hope i helped, you can simply download the file as clicking on this text.

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Already posted but i think there were not so many plugins like in this one...


Thanks for share... Really could use to my server!


Keep up good work DreaM you are doing great job as member and as moderator of this forum!

Dont let the snobs keep you down!


FTW Dream <3


[<3 This dont mean love -> I am not a G@Y :P, It means i love your work here and i think you are great moderator and with whole -Karma story wictch i dont belive into... Thanks!]

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Well, as i thought it's for AMX mod, (i've downloaded something like this before an year ago). Some of the plugins i edited with AMX Studio and i'm using them in my server (with AMX mod X) Thanks for your share m8. I will check if there are new plugins ;)

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Yes, I've seen this package also some times ago.


And after correcting many posts, I've found it again:

http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=26629.0 --> http://cs-strikez.narod.ru/plugins/AMX-plugin-pack.rar

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I have mainly done this share because http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=52526.0 look on the end of the share.

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