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  1. my god . are you a greek politician maybe? ΚΩΛΟΤΟΥΜΠΑΣ
  2. we really should stop joining in these crap servers that open every two months..
  3. cant even consider this server as an option since they obviously dont know how to set up a pvp server
  4. server seems pretty under populated. No way in hell this joke exp rate is x100 . Dont let them fool you, this so called server is not a pvp server .
  5. gonna give this a try i did play for a little bit , sad.
  6. no , also server is really nothing special
  7. your server sucks people accusing each other for boting so i bet they know the best when they are so specific to each other for setting bots early in the morning you chat ban people for speaking their opinion without flaming anyone , your grandas nazis? In conclusion ? Just another greek wannabe effort to make money while helping his own people so their trash server has a player base . Dont expect another answer on this trash from me . Check my joined date , i played l2 way before i join maxbastards , so yeah i can smell your shitty server from miles away
  8. sorry we cant , we will be at war
  9. aahahahaahahaha i saw this coming, leaving this server was such a good decision. he kept making changes wasting players time.
  10. woah look we have a badass over here. yeah cool story fgt now go play with your barbie dolls
  11. i have no words to describe how retarded this looks to me. at first i was like okay.. okay.. i see he seems to have a point WAIT WHAT?
  12. server is looking interesting, worth a try
  13. sadly mid rate went from bad to worse due an adena bug that went on for days .people got rich the bug closed but adena stayed
  14. people also boting in stronghold. way too go ...