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Help HighFive packs


Hey guys, I am wondering what are the most stable High 5 packs currently available. Seems to me that two of the most popular ones are l2jserver (free) and l2jsunrise (paid). What do you guys think is the best option for low rate server? 


Thanks in advance <3

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Hello buddy,

1. I haven't used l2jserver but i heard it is clean source
Not sure about the bugs it contains
2. I have the premium l2jsunrise, i do not recommend it

It has a serious geo-engine related bugs that resulted on my server failing
3. At the moment, i'm using l2scripts high five source, it is stable to be honest
Yet, it has some bugs, but fixable. Also, all the developers i've hired has said that the source is so messy
Some literally said it is the worst source they worked on
But most importantly, players will have fun, which is the main goal, right?

Anyway, remember to stay away from shared sources here, like l2ava and l2fandc < THE SHARED ONES
I already used it in my live server once, and it was so so so bad, don't give it a chance
If you like some of their features, you can just implement them to your source

Finally, i advice you not to buy any source at all, i admit it, i wish i could back and use l2jserver from 0, and get it where i got my l2scritps source now, but it is too late now, and i'm stuck with it :(

Good luck <3

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