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Simple Lineage 2 bot based on OpenCV


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Simple Lineage II bot that uses Computer Vision to find possible targets and monitor HP/MP/CP.

Written to learn C++ basics, but can be useful for someone.

Download: https://github.com/madyanov/l2-cv-bot/releases




  • NPC detection
  • HP/MP/CP monitoring
  • Mouse and keyboard emulation
  • Stuck resolving
  • TTS alarm subsystem (captcha, low HP, CP decreasing, etc.)
  • Custom behavior support (LUA scripts)
  • Buffs/debuffs monitoring



How to use


Interception driver is required for mouse and keyboard emulation.


  • Install Interception driver (start `cmd.exe` as Administrator, then run `install-interception.exe /install`) and reboot
  • Run Lineage II client, select character and teleport to any exp/farm location
  • Run `run.bat "<title of the Lineage II client window>"`
  • HP/CP/MP bars must be 100% at the moment of bot start, but if not, you should wait until they will be 100% and then press Space to reset bars position
  • To stop press ESC or move mouse




Current version developed and tested using Windows 10 and Gracia Epilogue client, so with another Windows or Lineage II client it may not work.


  • Edit `run.bat` file to customize CV for another client. Note that for colors used HSV and BGR color models
  • Edit `Brain.cpp` to customize bot behavior. Custom runtime behavior scripts are not supported
  • OS related stuff placed in these files: `Window.cpp`, `Capture.cpp`, `Input.cpp`, `Intercept.cpp`
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Thx guys.

I'm working now on far target detection algorithm, so hopefully it will be included in next release.


It has much more false positives, but can be used as secondary target detection algorithm (with some heuristic rules) when primary can't find anything.

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New version: https://github.com/madyanov/l2-cv-bot/releases/tag/v0.2


* Far targets detection
* NextTarget command support
* Spoil & drop support
* HP/CP/MP restoring

Demo video:




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19 hours ago, xsonic said:

Excelente, aunque no puedo hacerlo funcionar podrias hacer un video guia por favor de como instalar todo lo que se requiere. gracias 


Thank you. Right now I can't record installation & configuration video tutorial. But you still can read documentation here: https://github.com/madyanov/l2-cv-bot/blob/master/README.md

12 hours ago, Soyyo14 said:

Thanks bro, great work, i have one problem,  dont run in windows 32 bits 


Yeah. You need to compile for 32-bit arch to get work. Also don't forget to use 32-bit OpenCV binaries. To compile read instructions in link I've provided above.

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On 9/25/2018 at 1:27 AM, xsonic said:

Tienes idea de por qué no selecciona la mafia, no ataca, no detecta hp mp y cp, sera por la proctecion del servidor, el server es https://l2crest.com/




On 8/10/2018 at 8:55 PM, verbrannt said:


Current version developed and tested using Windows 10 and Gracia Epilogue client, so with another Windows or Lineage II client it may not work.



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