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L2 Adrenaline Configuration And Useful Scripts

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To use Cracked L2 Adrenaline 1.71 bot you have to run as administrator Start, Tunel in that order, from Tunel open Boot. Then open as many L2 clients as you want and they will appear in the bot. You have to open the client from the system folder of the game.


The important things you have to know to reduce the probability of getting banned. Basically the most important is being able to react if the gm talks to you.


I'm leveling a destroyer, an archer and a bishop at the same time and it works much better than if I was botting with only one character, but I have to keep an eye for the captchas from this server, for buffs, to look if they are dead, if the inventory is full (for not leaving behind any useful items that the mobs may drop) , if someone talks to me, etc.. I just want to leave it running while I sleep.


This is the party setup. The destroyer attacks first. Then the archer. Bishop and archer follow at some distance for not getting area damage. The bishop heals the destroyer if he's below 25% HP and the archer if he's less than 80%. The bishop is the party guard so when he's being attacked the rest of the party protect him. Party is created automatically, and they are resurrected automatically, it's configured to make a sound when some events happen, but I'd like it to make the sound just once (how it's done?).


I'm gonna be doing a 1-85 leveler script that includes some quests like pet quests, nobless, etc. And you'll be seing the progress as I update this thread.


Adrenaline scripts are written in delphi/pascal syntax so If you want to better understand them to be able to modify them you could read something about those languages.


Here is the Auto rebuff and returning to hunting ground. You need to have the four other files in the same directory for it to work.


It goes to city when you die, or need buffs and teleports to Wall of Argos, you have to modify the id of the buffer and gatekeeper and change the dialog options and the movements commands to go to your hunting ground. Here is how it has to be customized:

When you spawn in a Town you have to do a /loc and see the coordinates, you then have to do an script to move from that coordinates to the buffer, then buff, then go to the gatekeeper and teleport. You have to do this from every respawn location in a town. If you respawn in coordinates 146785, 25813, -2008 in Aden you move from there to the next point do another /loc and with the new coordinates you write a MoveTo command.


That's the way in wich the script is written, here are some things that need to be added:

- Some places to bot at each level.

- This killAggroMobs doesn't work in Interlude, try this.

- The killAggroMobs procedure should check for mobs attacking not only you but any party member and kill them.

- There should be an array with of hunting grounds to having to change only the name or to write a number corresponding to the hunting grund and depending of the huntingGround string it would go to a different position.

- The moveInCity procedure currently checks a range of 250 around every respawn of the city. It would be better for it to work in all the city. Let's say the city has a range of 5000 (the range I think is the radius of a circle), it would need small circles in the different locations of the city and they should completely fill the city range. It would start by the shops, if you are in the range of a shop you move to the door, then move to a place of the square of the city in which the previous shops where. The difficult part will be checking if the city range is completely filled, the dumb way to do it would be whenever the script doesn't work you check the location and increase the range of the part of the city in which you are.

- Create another procedure with community buffer [Alt+b] to modify it more easily. It's very important to read this page to solve the buff problem.

- Automatically clean some garbage items from the inventory.

- Automatically move the rest of items from some members to another one.

- Automatically going to the warehouse if the inventory is full of useful items, storing them there and going back to hunting zone.

- Add an anti captcha script.



Auto Agument, Auto SOS charging, Anti Disarm, Imperial Tomb Auto Farm LS, Auto Mana Burn Enemys Healer

Another back to farm scrip

Auto 1-61 leveler, auto agument, auto enchant, auto back to farm location and more

Play sound Captcha (other) How can I detect a tutorial window?



Tatteosian script

Quest sweetest venom

Frintezza quest



Change weapon

Trading script

Store in warehouse (exchange don't work in interlude)

Sending items to another player

Send money (concatening strings)

Send all items by mail



>>Very interesting

Target certain class

Save server bypass command to buff and teleport from community Alt+B window

PM everyone in a server

Loop through party members

Count number of aggro mobs

Auto relogin

Game login

Kick buffer from party after done buffing (no script needed


Some commands:

Engine.GoHome(rtclanhall);                // When you die go to clan hall
Engine.UseItem(736);                      // Use scroll of escape
Engine.EnterText('/unstuck');             // For ustuck
uses Classes;                             // This goes at the begining of the script

if User.Level > 61 then begin ... end;    // Level check

Here some questions that I have:

- How do I delete an item with adrenaline?

- What is the range at which experience is obtained in party?

- How do I seed and harvest mobs?

- How to use chest keys in mobs or else ignore Treasure Chests?

- How do I find out an item's ID?

- How can I set up a pet in Adrenaline interface so it attacks the same target, is fed automatically and is resurrected if it dies?

- What is party guard from the Adrenaline interface?

- How to do PIN unlock?

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