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  1. Hi, Im looking for this command, can anyone help? Thanks,
  2. Hello, I have used a few radmin services none seem to work, also used a few more auto clickers, no joy. I've just downloaded Boxer for adrenaline where I can save profiles of various accounts and launch, login with 1 click, and able to use it remotely! Hope that helps
  3. Thanks for getting back to me, Thats not good, any ideas how to click remotely? Its when the server disconnects and im not at my desk to relogin, ive tried some auto clickers but i think its the same issue, Thanks
  4. Good Morning guys, I'm having an issue with Teamviewer 14 and Lineage, at the moment I'm connecting to my pc from my android phone, everything works fine apart from when i try to click in the lineage box where I can see the cursor highlighting the options but when i try to click it doesnt seem to do anything. Ive checked my permissions and it seems that i have full privileges to control my pc, Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hello, I have now made this script that takes my char to town rebuffs then goes to the farm zone and back to position where it starts farming. My problem is that im having to manual start the script every time the char goes to village, How can I make this script to auto run its self? Thanks begin Print('Get Buffs'); if User.inrange(82573,148632, -3464, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(83073, 148386, -3470); end; if User.inrange(82428, 148055, -3465, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(83073, 148386, -3470); end; if User.inrange(83440, 148150, -3401, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(83073, 148386, -3470); end; if User.inrange(82289, 149206, -3470, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(83073, 148386, -3470); end; if User.inrange(83477, 149099, -3406, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(83073, 148386, -3470); end; if User.inrange(83073, 148386, -3470, 250, 150) then begin Engine.SetTarget(10001); Delay(1500); Engine.DlgOpen; Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(9); Delay(1500); Engine.DlgOpen; Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(5); Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(15); Delay(1500); end; Print('Go Farm 7'); if User.inrange(83073, 148386, -3470, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(83374, 147892, -3400); end; if User.inrange(83374, 147892, -3400, 250, 150) then begin Engine.SetTarget(10004); Delay(1500); Engine.DlgOpen; Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(3); Delay(1500); Engine.DlgSel(14); Delay(1500); end; if User.inrange(115112, 166523, -2593, 250, 150) then begin Engine.MoveTo(119639, 168018, -3337) end; end.
  6. Hi Guys, Im now trying to configure my own scripts and figured starting with auto buffs and teleporting is a good place to start!! With Gatekeeper it was easy to find the numbers needed to go in the DlgSel Im having a problem with the buffer and the macro section, im able to open dlgesl 12 which is macro buffs but my problem now is how do i select "Use on me" at the mage setting? is there a way of figuring what dlgsel I need to allocate or is it guesswork? or am I going the wrong way about this? Pictures attached, Thanks,
  7. Hello, Its not giving me a "dead" option it gives me "dead <" and "dead>", ive tried a few variations in the value section next to the option but it doesnt seem to work, am i missing something? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, Im trying to setup auto bishop res but its proving impossible, ive been able to have everything working on my bot bp in the party apart from res/mass res, to use this skill do I need to write a script? Im confused Thanks,
  9. Hi Guys, Im not sure how i can open npc dialogue in adrenalin so I can program it to do stuff with npc, gm shops, class masters, buffer etc Thanks,
  10. Hello, Is there a tutorial how to use the script recorder? I purchased a license yesteray i am able to get the script recorder second window up but not sure what to do after this? Ive looked for guides in the forum and online but couldn't find anything, Thanks
  11. Hi Loftheim I finally figured it out with your solution, Thanks!!
  12. Hey Man, Thanks for the tool, I've managed to get it to say "damage" on screen with the tool! But its not giving me the actual metric damage ie "1500 damage" it only says "damage", I'm guessing its how the servers systemesages is, ill need to find another that gives me numbers and copy it over into the servers one I wanna join in Thanks
  13. Hey, Thanks for getting back to me, yeah this is what Im looking for :) Is there anyway to have this work with iordanov interface? Ive tried a few variations of combined files but the client isnt working properly, Thanks