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Nexus Engine Fixed

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Hello as the title says i want to buy Nexus Engine for Gracia Final.
You can fix mine or just give me the files from the fixed one.


What bugs my engine currently has : At the end of events (random it's not 100%) both of the team will spawn in a random town and play like the event wasn't even finished.
BUT as GM i can't host new event since the other is in the way ( players are getting their reward but this is not 100% aswell ).
Also there are some bugs with CTF like : Flag sometimes is not dropping and many other things.


If anyone is interested please contact me HERE and only HERE.


Thank you in advance.

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try this one before you buy.shared already and currenlty worked for many members.



Yes i've seen it but still there are tons of bugs on this.

Still thank you a lot.


(Have you tested the engine by yourself *?*)

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Except if someone rewrote it, look for a better one

One server was using Nexus Engine 4.2 Version.

I searched but i can't find anything about 4.2 version.


I am trying to find someone who reworked-rewrote nexus engine.

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