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Lineage2 Loading Screen, Models, Graphics


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Hello Everyone!

For my new project, which is to re-create as much lineage2 interlude game functionality in browser, as possible, i need to get some stuff from L2 client which i failed to do so far.

Now, i need Interlude login screen as a video without any of the GUI items in it, 1 or more character model + some animations, GUI buttons, inputs, skill menus and etc. as any form of image.


I've been trying to get all that by myself, spent all day trying to do it, but i failed.

Is there anyone who could help me with what i need, and share anything ?

Tutorials of how to do it by myself would be nice as well!

This project will not be for profit, and as soon as i'll make something worth sharing - i'll make it open-source.


Thanks in advance!




When i say login screen as a video, i mean something like this: 

but without those buttons on the right, Lineage2 logo at the center of the screen, that logo on the left top corner of the screen, and that line with text at the bottom of the screen. Edited by Gootzy
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About the images you can get em by using umodel and extract every image is available on lineage by their textures and then open and edit them via photoshop

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Thanks you guys!
I've started to export maps and other images now.



I've tried to edit localization.ini, but for some reason whenever i save it and try to launch a game - i get no text at all, 3 input fields for whatever reason, and as i understand the game language is set to Korean.

Is there something i'm doing wrong ? Should i save it as 414 or 412 ? 

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413 ;D

Thanks, SweeTs,

But still, for some reason when i'm saving localization.ini with l2 file edit ( even when i don't change anything ), i get 3 inputs, and korean language set. 


Does anyone know why is it like that ? 





Found it by myself.

Apparently, it needed to be saved with 111, not 413 :P

For some reason when saving it with 413, it shrinks Localization.ini from 4KB to 2KB.




I need to remove these parts now:



Anyone knows how to do it ? 

Edited by Gootzy
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l2ui.utx or l2ui-ch3.utx find these textures put them in photoshop and make their alfa black.

about the letters ID,PWD etc. find their ids at sysstring-e.dat (their at 150+) and simply let them empty.

dk what u want to do tho. (the solution above is the easiest but not practical.)

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