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these files deserves a better community 

their files are pretty trashy for something that has been 10 years online, if you ever played their server you would know, you get random tps while making trains, mobs stucking, mages failing 1/3 hits on white mobs, many exploits left over ever in 10 year period etc


tho nice try with different account to make you look good lmao

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their files are pretty trashy for something that has been 10 years online, if you ever played their server you would know, you get random tps while making trains, mobs stucking, mages failing 1/3 hits on white mobs, many exploits left over ever in 10 year period etc


tho nice try with different account to make you look good lmao

it seems that you dont really played so much there

and your description is for glasy server wich is unfinished H5 ported from GF


anyway in one month they are going to open new server lets hope it be better

i remember making trains and never got lag... yes it was back b4 gracia



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Ayrin x75 server info

« on: May 17, 2017, 10:58:04 PM »
Opening date: 30.06.2017 18:00

Start OBT: 16-06-2017

Server timezone: UTC+1

Server platform: Hellbound PTS (not java)


  • Exp/Sp: x75
  • Adena: x50*
*Notice: Lv1 to Lv40 adena rate is constant x50 / Lv41 to Lv85 adena rate is dropping by x0.56 on each level ending at x25@Lv85

  • SealStone: х10 (amount)
  • Drop: chance х30
  • Spoil: chance х15*
*Notice: Old method: if chance >100% quantity multiplied

  • RB exp/sp: x5
  • RB drop: chance x5
  • Epic: x1
  • Quest (reward adena/exp/sp): х10


Drop amount: x10 / Reward: x2

  • Seductive Whispers
  • A Game of Cards
  • Delicious Top Choice Meat
  • Seekers of the Holy Grail
  • Guardians of the Holy Grail
  • The Zero Hour
  • Clean up the Swamp of Screams

Drop amount: x10 / Reward: x1

  • Hunt of The Golden Ram Mercenary Force
  • Legacy of Insolence
  • Supplier of Reagents
  • The Finest Food
  • Relics of the Old Empire
  • Gather The Flames
  • Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2
  • Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
  • Alliance with the Varka Silenos
  • Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
  • In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension

Drop amount: x5/ Reward: x1

  • War with Ketra Orcs
  • War with the Varka Silenos


  • blinking-new.gif Path to 3rd class exclusive system *
Notice:Dragon-Network's Beginner's Guide and new exclusive system helps you get your 3rd class and high level faster. Use this system and discover the boosted zones. Specific hunting zones boosted by both amount of mobs and experience points.

  • Autoloot
  • NPC Buffer up to 3rd class buffs, NO resists / pony / cat buff. Also NO 3rd class dances and songs. 1-hour bufftime, only from npcbuffer. Scheme and servitor buffs are also available.
  • Gracia buffslot system: 20 + 4 (with Divine Inspiration book) buffslot and 12 dance/song slot.
  • Alt + B Community Board available with easy access to Donate/Vote/Reward/Misc shops
  • Gatekeeper prices are increased by x10. Event Gatekeeper is still available with teleport to boosted hunting zones for no adena. Also check our new exclusive Path to 3rd class system.
  • Cursed Weapons are active from server start
  • Infinity Scroll of Escape / Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall added to every character (as skill) usage: cost adena
  • Antibuff Shield toggle skill added to every character. You can avoid overbuffing.
  • Mana potion: Over-time system, similar like hp potion.
  • Added Announce messages and it's location on connective and successful pvp ie: XY got a double kill!!! (location)
  • You can get Giant's Codex and Giant's Codex - Mastery for Reward Coin, the system based on pvp concept.
  • Every newly created character is Lv.20, spawn location: Giran
Starter equipment:



  • Wooden Set, Top D-grade jewels, Beginner's Box

  • Devotion Set, Top D-grade jewels, Beginner's Box
4LGmwds.png Beginner's Box contain:

  • etc_lottery_card_i00.png x1 D-grade weapon coupon
  • etc_spirit_bullet_blue_i00.png x1000 Soulshot D-grade
  • etc_spell_shot_blue_i01.png x1000 Blessed Spiritshot D-grade
  • fp5TSu2.png x1 Teleport Scroll to Execution Ground
  • fp5TSu2.png x1 Teleport Scroll to Alligator Island
  • etc_pi_gift_box_i00.png x1 Beginner's Box C-grade
  • More goodies to come along with this system
Class change:

  • 1st class: FREE
  • 2nd class: FREE
  • 3rd class: 50.000.000 adena + 400 Black Halisha's Mark
*Notice: Black Halisha's Mark: can be farmed at Shrine of Loyalty. Tradeable item.


Sub-class / Noblesse:

Golkonda location:



Teleport locations added to gatekeeper nearby Golka raids.

  • Retail subclass: You can avoid acquiring red pipette knife part by choosing Tower of Insolence way of the quest.
  • Nobless: You can choose Hi5 way to get nobless.(Valley of Saints 100 mobs)
  • You can either get nobless for x50 Vote Coin, x250 Donate Coin, x500 Reward Coin
*Notice: Reward Coins you can obtain by various ways such as PvP, PK, Online rewarding system*


Raid Bosses:

  • To be announced later on..


  • 2 week olympiad period
  • Olympiad jewels have been added from Gracia Final


*Notice: Please, keep on mind we consider minor changes to some features, shops until grand open. Of course you will get updated with changelog.

Edited by djvancho
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    • Just fuck off at this point. Thank You
    • Mr (polish kurva)...Why are you insulting me? Did I insult you or did my records insult you? If you have no idea what it means to sign in the app in this case we are not even talking ... You don't even realize that you're actually humiliating yourself in this case. Keep it decent and speak like a civilized man please!
    • Just stop humiliating Yourself yet again...CHECK YOUR FACTS. Yes, everyone can sgin an app, You idiot. Even You pfuckface. The logo is ALWAYS provided by sever owner You idiot. The MEGA PVP admin sent me his logo, updater template was made for him, so his logo was included. I don't give a damn from where ppl are getting theirs logo. https://l2megapvp.com/  Why the fuck am I even talking to You. GTFO from my topic. Go flex somewhere else. MODS CLEAN MY TOPIC PLEASE from this retard. Thank You
    • What about  Kamael's? possible to create?
    • 1.So forummaxi are also cunts...you make fun of yourself and you don't even know what you're talking about. 🙂 2.The apk must be signed by the manufacturer, and in this case it is you, and not by your clients. 3.C ++ is too complex for you my friend ...that is a shared source and I will release the source soon (clean one). 4. I will create some updater templates to show you how to make 2/3 templates in a few hours   And I will create them from scratch, I will not use the images of real artists like this one here....because I respect the work of others and I am in this field. If you were an artist, you would definitely respect someone else's work and not use it ... but you're not!   As a fantasy psd appears at the download in next seconds, you also appear with a new launcher template... 4.You no longer call yourself an artist or a coder because you are neither one nor the other... Don't make me dig deeper into this www that is so wide and deep .... Do you want to talk to me about the bz2 archiving method that keeps giving you errors? 🙂 I know you feel threatened but you have to admit that you are far from an artist or a coder ... you are just a cheap cheater. I apologize to the administrators on your behalf for the inconvenience, but you should not exist on this forum or any forum.  
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