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  1. I love stucksubs servers, very nice features bro :D Any ideas to give a chance for solo players to obtain stuck class ? I mean different way, for ex by farm ? gl
  2. Can some1 upload full patch ? dnet uploader working as sh1t and im getting errors
  3. r u kidding me ? if you dont want stucksub, than leave this topic free... Ive been player of DN since c4, also i played on retail servers, all what i can say is STUCKSUBS > retail server ANY TIME !
  4. whats the problem to say ~online ppl in game? I have to download client to check it... edit server is in live mode?
  5. i just visited your www Web Server's Default Page This page is generated by Plesk, the leading hosting automation software. You see this page because there is no Web site at this address.
  6. x35 is really so fkin nice server, u did really good job m8, big thanks to you. I dont understand ppl who said its too difficult... just few hours and you have weapon A+16... dont worry about those... I dont have idea how to help you, maybe thats the point what u said... Open server with new name like L2Vendetta and change your name... Idk...
  7. server failed as i expected... no ppl... I told u, better focus x35 bcoz is so fkin nice...
  8. The best thing is that i saw 2 ppl with max enchanted weapon :) som+16 or 20 (doesnt matter, but is red) and AM red... 2nd day of server and star wars :) Owner of som, told me that he enchanted his weapon by farm 100% scrolls in LoA... Sorry, im playing 2nd day also and hard farm in LoA and in 2 days I got 3 scrolls... gm friends ?
  9. Im thinking to start play here aftet few years of break. What is the best solo char to fast farm? I remember i played on c4 or il last time (l2gold) and i played as tyrant with dagger, totems, fist fury works with this wpn. What about here? Thanks