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L2Risen going live on 27 of May !


Grand Opening : 27.05.2016 18:00 (GMT+2)



Beta : 24.05.2016 16:00 (GMT+2)






Experience (EXP) : 20x

Skill Points (SP) : 20x

Adena : 15x Drop Items : 12x (Recs-Keys 1x)

Quest Experience (EXP) : 3x

Quest Skill Points (SP) : 3x

Quest Adena : 3x

Quest Drop Items : 4x

Spoil : 12x

Weight Limit : 5x

Manor : 2x

Extract Fish : 4x




Safe Enchant : 4

Max. Enchant : 16

Normal Scroll chance : 50%

Blessed Scroll chance : 55%

Elemental Max. Level : Level 7

Elemental Stone chance : 40%

Elemental Crystal chance : 30%




Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2

Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h

Buff Slots : 24

Dance and Songs Slots : 12

Max. Clients per PC : 4

Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6

Anti-Bot (+ Report system)

Geodata and Pathnodes




Sub-Class Free without Quest

Sub-Class Max. Level : 85

Class Master

Off-line Shop mode

Off-line Buffers mode

Auto Learn Skills

Auto Learn Loot

Vitality System

Unique Community Board

Droplist Search Engine

Auction System

Champions System

Wedding System

More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board


Some Commands

.control : Character control panel

.getreward : Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting

.online : Shows how many players are online in game

.offline : Sets Offline Private Store

.repair : Repairing character located in same account

.password : Changing Password of your Account

.buffstore : Setup Offline Buffer Store

.siege : Full siege information

.combine : Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration!

.dressme : Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak!

.report : Target a player you think is botting, and punish him!

for more info join in game!

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Stop creating multiple topics or I will chat ban you. Your server is not opened yet, so it's a PREVIEW.

Edited by SweeTs
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copy paste from l2injustice

i cant see any copy - paste from l2injustice....  all servers are same in this Era... if you want a new fresh in mid rates without wipes/roll backs/corruptions ... try this server... is recomended and trusted...i will give the try to this guys.. GM team is full helpfully.... dont make hate if u dont like... just ignore.. ;) 

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another fail server pay2win, will be up 2/3months to make money and then will collaps.. is there any real nice h5 server?

I really hope gnack will be back one day.

this is your opinion without login and speak with owners... that guys look friendly and trusted... that i say.... 

if other guys like tales/ava and more stole your money... dont make HATE to all.... give a try and dont say much.... 

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this is your opinion without login and speak with owners... that guys look friendly and trusted... that i say.... 

if other guys like tales/ava and more stole your money... dont make HATE to all.... give a try and dont say much.... 

really?so if I login and I speak with an admin who send me smiles is gonna change something?I make HATE for the pay2win, no limits, elegia from lvl1 and there is no difference with the other servers..to anyone wants to pay for win we already have official which is enough.

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    • You only show half the movement, and without any //show move on.   You probably do idiotic going back and forth, it's the only possibility to get such a desync actually.
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