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  1. thank you! couldn't see it until I refreshed the cookies!
  2. From facebook where? can you give the source or the link, I can't find it on their page
  3. no problems, i'll pop up in the future and if there will be some enchant+++, buying elegia etc I will raise up the topic to make you lose credibility if not, gg good luck and I apologise in advance. If you wish you can make an official and clear communication about what will you be able to shop in the next months.
  4. why that flame? Do not make suppositions, never donate anything to buy items..I am sorry if because of my comment someone will not give you free money ;)
  5. really?so if I login and I speak with an admin who send me smiles is gonna change something?I make HATE for the pay2win, no limits, elegia from lvl1 and there is no difference with the other servers..to anyone wants to pay for win we already have official which is enough.
  6. another fail server pay2win, will be up 2/3months to make money and then will collaps.. is there any real nice h5 server? I really hope gnack will be back one day.
  7. hey, finally I managed it as well but the buffer does not buff :) no errors on the script and spawn correctly but when I click on the buff nothing happen..any idea?
  8. Hi guys, I am not really new on this forum as I have been reading topics for almost years, For fun yesterday I started to play with a local server in order to go better into the work behind the scenes but I am finding many difficulties in uploading custom npc. I have found many guides and helping posts but no one could explain well the process, I understood has to be done by xml instead loading the file directly but the closer conclusion I goy has been : Line: -1 - Column: -1 please help a newbie explaining how do load an npc :) compilation failed