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GRAND OPENING: 1 / 11 / 2015

Welcome to Lineage 2 PVP x1000 Interlude Server.

In a few words, our project is what an Interlude PVP server should be.

Server's pvp and pve enviroment is balanced and carefully modified by server staff. 

We've been working since January in order to prepare this x1000 server, and we're planning to stay.

In the end it's all about the community, but expect activity and daily updates from server staff. 

Below you can find information regarding L2PvP x1000 Interlude project.


EXP/SP : x1000

Adena : x1

Drops : x1

Safe Enchant : +6 (+10 for A Grade)

Max Enchant : +20 

Normal Enchant Scroll Rate : 60% (Up to +16)

Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate : 100% (Up to +16)

Crystal Enchant Scroll Rate : 100% (Up to +20)

Mid Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 5%

High Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 10%

Top Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 20%

Augment Skill Stack : 1 active - 1 passive (on 1 class)

Castle Sieges Period : 1 week

Olympiad Hero Period : 1 week

Olympiad : All items count as +6

PVP Count enabled in Sieges and Arenas

Max Subclass: 5


Character Achievements (on community board)

Individual and Massive Vote Reward System

Show Droplist System enabled (Shift + Click)

PVP Skull Reward obtainable from PVP Kills and Events

Synergy Killing System enabled (Bishops receive pvp reward too)

Tattoos (Cas.Spd, Atk.Spd, RunSpd)

8 Grand Bosses with auto re-spawn

Grand Boss Accessories 

Raid Bosses with auto re-spawn

Secret Raid Bosses on farm zones

Top PVP/PK color system

APC Champion Mobs

Noblesse Scroll (Right click to become noblesse)

Hero's Symbol (Right click to become hero for 24 h)

Commands: .online .report .joinevent .leaveevent .buff (when playing on events)

PVP / PK anti feed protection

HWID / IP Protection

Private Professional Antibot Protection

Olympiad Anti-Feed Protection

Geodata/Pathnodes 100% Working


Customized Starting/Leveling Zone

Giran Harbor - Peace Zone (Adena, Ancient Adena)

Monastery of Silence (Adena, Ancient Adena)

Primeval Isle (Lifestones)

Primeval Beach (PVP Zone)

Buffer (Full buffs, Fighter/Mage Set, Schemes)

Shop (All items up to S Grade)

Gatekeeper (Worldwide teleport and raidboss status check)

Account Manager (change your password/repair char)

Siege Informer (register/unregister on all available sieges)

Clan War Manager (join the clan war event)

Augmenter (add/remove/upgrade lifestones to your weapons)

Clan Manager (increase clan level, buy clan eggs and items)

Casino Manager (bet your items, double or nothing)


Forum Events Running with big rewards

Nexus Events Reworked (Fully Functional)

Main Events: TVT, CTF, DeathMatch, Last Man Standing, Domination, Mass Domination, Zombies

Mini Events: Single Player Fights (1v1), Party Fights, Korean Fights

TOP PVP Zone Player Event

Clan War Event

Hide and Seek / Find the Item Event

Event Bosses

Website: http://l2pvp.us

Forum: http://l2pvp.us/forum

FB Page: http://facebook.com/l2pvp.us

Skype: l2pvp.us

E-mail: support@l2pvp.us

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Seems promising...Features are great, owner is great! Good luck with your server bro! I wish you the best, you deserve it....

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like ur failed l2elcardia?no thnx

The feeling is nice talking via bot account but it's ok to me. I am just asking for that "special" thing that we can't find.

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Good luck with your  server, I might pass by.

Btw, I took your forum theme and someday now it will be available for download, hope you don't mind.

Best regards,


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