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interlude [L2J] L2 Artamiel


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Hello guys and welcome to a project I've been designing for long.


L2Artamiel is here to offer what you want from an interlude server. Stable economy that won't make the server close after 1 month and a balanced pvp game-play. The server will be live for beta testing at 12 of November.




XP x70

SP x70

Adena x10

Drop x1



The reason i picked an adena percentage that low is to make adena be a stable economy currency. Don't worry. The store prices will change accordingly.


General info:


Max level 80

Free class change

Auto loot for regular things

Auto learn skills



Enchant system:


Safe: 3

Max for items A grade and lower: +16

Max for S grade items: Unlimited


Normal scroll rate: 66%

Crystal scroll rate: 66% but the item won't break or lose any enchant

Blessed scroll rate (They are super rare): 100%



Augmentation system

Still designing.



Olympiad system

Every 2 weeks.

Participation time: 18:00-00:00 GMT +2

Heroes will have the opportunity to pick 2 skills from their final talent tree tier. (Similar effects will share cooldown)




Obtaining the items


So in L2Artamiel obtaining the items is a bit different but that's what makes it interesting too. 


The gmshops will offer you any equipment you need until B grade.

After that, the only way you have to get A grade items and later S grade items 

is enchanting every armor piece to +16. I know, it is not easy, and it's not meant to be.

Don't worry though. The shop will sell normal enchant scrolls till S grade.

However you are recommended to fast Crystal scrolls that won't make your item break upon failure.

Crystal scrolls can be purchased with ancient adena. Ancient adena can be obtained by trading your stones to a local trader.



So you kinda see how it goes. It's a stable circular process.




Making the PVP a UNIQUE experience for every player. For that reason i introdude the Talent system.

The talent system consist of 4 tiers of skills. You can only pick one skill per tier. Don't worry. You can change a choice you made for a small amount of adena.
By adding this feature we make every player tailor a role around his character. All first 3 tiers are the same for every player but the last one at level 80 is made by class teams.
Tanks team includes: Phoenix Knights, Hell Knights, Eva's templar, Shillen Templar
Heavy attackers team includes: Dreadnoughts, Duelists, Sword Muses, Spectral Dancers, Grand Khavataris, Titan
Summoners team includes: Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
Supports team includes: Cardinal, Hierophant, Eva's Saint, Shillen Saint. Doomcryer
Mages team includes: Archmage, Soultaker, Mystic Muse, Storm screamer, Dominator 
Archers team includes: Saggitarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel
Dagger team includes: Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost hunter
At 20 level:
Blink: The user blinks in a short distance and increases his movement speed by 15% for 5 seconds. (30 seconds cooldown)
Burst of speed: The user breaks into a sprint increasing his movement speed by 60% for 7 seconds remove any crowd control. (1 minute cooldown)
Momentum (Passive): Movement speed is increased by 20%.
At level 40:
Aspect of the Hawk (Passive): Increases your P.Atk or M.Atk by 20% and your Attack Speed or Casting speed by 15% (Depends on your class).
Aspect of the Bear (Passive): Increases your P.Def by 25% and your M.Def by 25%.
Aspect of the Fox (Passive): Increases your Critical Damage by 50% and your Attack speed or Casting speed by 35% (Depends on your class).
At level 60:
Last stand: When the user's HP is less than 35% he can use last stand and heal himself for 50% of his total hp. (3 minutes cooldown)
Frenzied Regeneration: Heals 10% of the user's HP over every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. (3 minutes cooldown)
Vampiric Embrace: User gains 30% lifesteal (both physical and magical hits) for 10 seconds. (3 minutes cooldown)
At level 80:
Powershot: The archer launches his most powerful shot dealing tons of damage. The shot also knockbacks the target. (16 seconds cooldown)
Disengage: The archer jumps back removing all movement imparing effects and increasing his speed for 4 seconds by 40%. (40 seconds cooldown)
Camouflage: The archer enters stealth mode, completely healing his HP. His next hit will be critical. Movement will break the effect. (3 minutes cooldown)
Smoke Bomb: The user creates a small smoke area around him in which he is permanently stealth. While inside the zone the user can move and 
attack without being seen. (5 minutes cooldown)
Stealth: The user hides in the shadows going invisible. The user will stay invisible until he attacks or takes damage. This skill
can only be used while not in combat. (12 seconds cooldown).
Killing spree: The user rides the wind making him so fast that he can teleport to near targets every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. 
During that time he gets 30% increased damage. (3 minutes cooldown)
Alter Time: The users enters a state where time doesn't exist. After 4 seconds the user returns to the place he was when he used the skill
with the HP, CP, MP, and buffs that he had when he used the skill. (1.5 minutes cooldown)
Dimensional Rift: The user enters his own dimension where the known universe doesn't exist to escape trouble.
After 6 seconds he return to the global dimension. While in his own dimension the user has no knowledge of whats 
happening outside. (2 minutes cooldown)
Demonic gate (Summon)/Demonic gate (Teleport): The user can create a portal on the ground. Upon using the teleport skill
the user can teleport back to the portal's location. (1 minute cooldown for both skills)
Aerial Blast: The user releases a blast dealing a great amount of damage. (1 second cooldown on PVE, 4 seconds cooldown on PVP)
Leap of Faith: The user puts angel wings at an ally member and he grabs him on him in order to save him from trouble. (1 minute cooldown)
Saving Grade: The user casts a spell on a target instantly healing 50% of his total hp and then 10% every second over 5 seconds. (2.5 minutes cooldown)
Forbidden Summon Artamiel: The user summons Artamiel to fight by his side for 60 seconds. Artamiel will heal the party member with the 
lower hp or the user if there is no party. Will also resurrect a member if it dies. Doesn't apply to the user. (3 minutes cooldown)
Forbidden Summon Rakan: The user summons Rakan to fight by his side for 60 seconds. Rakan will melee attack and occationally stun the 
user's last enemy target of the user.
Forbidden Summon Tyron: The user summons Tyron to fight by his side. Tyron will range attack with magic the target and occationally 
silence and root the target. He will attack the last enemy target of the user.
Bola shot: The user throws a bola at the target rooting him until the user is close enough or after 8 seconds. (45 seconds cooldown)
Heroic leap: The user jumps on the target, stunning him and dealing a great amount of damage. (45 seconds cooldown)
Rallying Cry: The user grants to himself and hit party 20% extra HP for 10 seconds. (2.5 minutes cooldown)
Heavy attackers:
Dragon roar: The user deals a great amount of damage, knocks back and stuns all nearby enemies for 4 seconds. (1.5 minutes cooldown)
Bloodbath: For the next 10 seconds your attacks have 20% increased damage and have a chance to apply slow to the target. (1.5 minutes cooldown)
Purgatory (Passive): When you recieve lethal damage you enter purgatory for 3 seconds. If you get healed for more than 30% of your
total hp in that time you survive. If not, you die. (3 minutes passive cooldown).
As you can see this opens a whole new world of possible combinations and usages of your beloved classes.
More information to be announced periodically.
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Good luck mate, looks amazing. I hope you get the results you deserve and expect, seems like a long worked project. I'll definitely be there, good luck again.


Edit: You could have picked a more appealing name though :P

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What about site/forum links? you should make 'em up so people can join community or check the server etc.Any news when site up?

I will keep you up to date in here for now. The site will be up when the best phase starts.

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Beta phase meaning live or beta? U rly asked such a thing?  Try answering it with ur own,however low or high, IQ.   What a post bot,lol.

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Beta phase meaning live or beta? U rly asked such a thing?  Try answering it with ur own,however low or high, IQ.   What a post bot,lol.

bro how can i know what he means best?I am not in his mind he may mean when beta starts he will up site etc.Such an offense for nothing..

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