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classic [L2J Own Project] L2Fixer.com Pvp - Try To Check This Gameplay


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- XP : 1000x 
- Adena : 1000x
Enchant Rates:


- Safe Enchant: +3

- Enchant Rate: 75%

- Blessed Enchant Rate: 85%

- Crystal Enchant: 100%
- Life Stone rate: 15%

- Max Enchant +12


- Max Enchant +16




- Full S grade
- Full Buffer with Schema (2 hours timeout)
- NPC - Class Changer, GM SHOP, Grand Boss Teleport, PvP Ranking, Informator
- Castle Siege everyweek (Giran-Aden-Goddard-Run)
- Over 12 Boss with Custom Drops 
- Olympiad Fight - 18:00 - 00:00 (Hero Everyweek)
- PvP Reward/Color System
- Augumentation (1+1) Active+Pasive
- Class strongly balanced
- Goedata work 99,9%
- All Skills Work 99,9%
- AutoVoteReward
- TVT,CTF Event
- Special Admin Event
[1] Farm Arena - 3 Spots (drop adena)

[2] Farm Arena (drop special coins)
[3] Farm Arena newbie (some coins+adena)
[4] Pvp Arena
[5] Custom Raid Boss Zone's 
- Hardcore Boss [Hardcor Strong] Respawn Every 24h - Drop (6-9) Crystal S/A Weapon/Armor, Many Adena, BEWS, Life Stones
- Pro Boss [Very Strong] Respawn Every 18h - Drop (3-5) Crystal S/A Wapon/Armor,  Many Adena, Life Stones
- Newbie Boss [More strong] Respawn Every 9h - Drop (1-3) Crystal S/A Armor, Many Adena, Life Stones



Connect 10Gbps, Hard Drive SSD 15k RPM, CPU Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3,2GHZ+, Memory 32GB

 operation system, Linux CentOS x64 configured for game server
regular copy of database game (auto copy every 1 hours)
auto server restart every 12 hours at 00:00 +1GMT
 anti flood network
 all types of ddos protection
 full firewall configurations
 Anti L2Walker/L2Net/Bot system 
More info about server
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