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  1. He is just a mad boy, he can't even control the way he is talking lol. bla blabla fail saga blablabalba l2tales corrupted blabalbal l2elysian best of best best You're funny bro.. Btw, i agree with a comment i saw before. You won't reach saga.. not even tales xdxdxd
  2. You really think that encouraging people to this way of thinking is good for your image? WHy should i join a server where people will get 200euro per week while i will be farming to compete them?
  3. Can anyone give us a link to the system folder, since site is down...?
  4. Adding custom items isn't bad. For example, if Draconic Armor gives Dex +1, Str +1 , Con -2 and Atk.speed/p.atk +4% you can add an extra armor like Apella ( C5 Retail) which will grant you +1 DEX, +2 STR , CON -1 and Atk.speed/p.atk +8%
  5. I agree with Benihime here but as i see , L2Lars is using L2off files. The other servers which have same features run L2J platform. I will check it for sure.
  6. I really miss some servers who used to have Apella armor (C5 retail) as custom armor and Dusk weapons as custom weapons. But i guess the features are good to give it a try. I am bored of the No custom servers. Good luck with your server buddy. PS: Karelias is the best tobacco O0
  7. Server is going well till now..1st day and there were 300+ online.. Pvp is balanced too
  8. Or, it could be added 1-2 weeks after the opening.
  9. Simply amazing! I love the features! I will join for sure! DWARF POWAH!!!!
  10. Is it on atm? I am trying to log but nothing happens. EDIT: My fault, server is online.