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  1. Highly recommended server. Amazing job and development. We will join as a CP.
  2. Looks very proffesional. Good luck to the team!
  3. It's amazing how this dude is getting mad at something for no reason hahaha
  4. Noone has to download the mega APP lol.. and i downloaded it in 25 minutes... It's not his fault if you play from a microwave
  5. Server is well organised and unique! Staff is also helpfull and answering within minutes! I totally recommend it! Good luck!
  6. He is just a mad boy, he can't even control the way he is talking lol. bla blabla fail saga blablabalba l2tales corrupted blabalbal l2elysian best of best best You're funny bro.. Btw, i agree with a comment i saw before. You won't reach saga.. not even tales xdxdxd
  7. You really think that encouraging people to this way of thinking is good for your image? WHy should i join a server where people will get 200euro per week while i will be farming to compete them?
  8. Can anyone give us a link to the system folder, since site is down...?
  9. Adding custom items isn't bad. For example, if Draconic Armor gives Dex +1, Str +1 , Con -2 and Atk.speed/p.atk +4% you can add an extra armor like Apella ( C5 Retail) which will grant you +1 DEX, +2 STR , CON -1 and Atk.speed/p.atk +8%
  10. I agree with Benihime here but as i see , L2Lars is using L2off files. The other servers which have same features run L2J platform. I will check it for sure.
  11. I really miss some servers who used to have Apella armor (C5 retail) as custom armor and Dusk weapons as custom weapons. But i guess the features are good to give it a try. I am bored of the No custom servers. Good luck with your server buddy. PS: Karelias is the best tobacco O0