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  1. you say go will be today at 19:0 gmt+1 but the counter on your main site is wrong or i am wrong?
  2. site: www.creation-gaming.com Recruitments: Open CreatioN - Lineage 2 - General Information Creation is an international Lineage 2 Clan which focus playing on c6 client. We prefer playing on mid and high rate servers.We dont have many members cause clan is new but we are enough for a decent fight. Philosophy - Play style Our clan philosophy is simple - Respect each other and yourself. We want members to feel like they are a part of a big family where players help each other and our clan.Our members are advised to take problems to pm's.We dont tolerate drama in clan chat.. Communicatio
  3. Last Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SN3m_fJ0pQ Recruit: ON http://www.creation-gaming.com
  4. Okay man i havent something to say..This server isnt our. L2sobek Team.