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Share L2Off Interlude(Il) Geodata (Depmax64)!

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Pfffff bla bla


Ok try to fix it as you think better with the correct value and layer....the results are the same...there is many ways to fix an area

and try to open the files with GeoEditor you can see better the layers


and give me the location to check it

Bla Bla ?

I have a ton of old map bug data to check with this , I'm trying to help and improve the content, and i know how to use a Geo Editor, but since you don't want to improve this as content for the forum, then its over. Wanted to help now i wont.

Your arrogance and ignorance helped me to take the decision, fixing a geo the proper way is one, you can't change the way NcSoft designed the GeoData.


Just because you got it from AdvExt doesn't mean its perfect.

Edited by Sighed
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I have tested many geo and russians and for my opinion its the best!

Even vag geo have probelms........anyway if you find something and dont work properly just give loc or make a post to fix it

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Is to hard to crack it , if they use special combination keys is more dificult.

I understand, but anyone can share the files ? Maybe some1 will take some free time and crack it.

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DepmAx64 or AdvExt64 ? Nevermind both are very difficult. I guess DepmAx64 is easier but yeah its still something to deal with.

Depmax64, for the start if anyone can share the files....

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    • People. does anyone tryed to reload the ui using this interface?. i have tested it but there was a problem in RefOptWnd that crashes when use ///reloadui.
    • My god... 1. This shared "PSD" You are talking about, WAS MY WORK (from folder "Ave", based on my L2 template from 2015 http://prntscr.com/227q99j, but Launcher 2, Launcher 3 was never my work, and I never sold it. It even looks like crap). I've made this PSD and sell it for one of MU Online server which admin didn't want to use my actual updater, he just wanted the PSD. After few years when his project got closed, he shared it on Ragezone, which after I created MULTIPLE other tempaltes, I didn't really cared about at that point. The 2 other "templates" You included in Your rar file (Launcher 2, Launcher 3), at NOT mine and I never sold them. They are MU specific only, and they are crap design. I started with L2 community, not MU. Funny fact for You - after that PSD leak on Ragezone, I've stopped to sell launcher PSD's to anybody.  2. I wrote my update code myself and I keep on updating the code. It's C++. 3. The L2Gold is and older revision, as I said, I'm keep on adding changes, yet still there are ONLY 2 false positive alerts from some shit "antyviruses" which I wouldn't install on my PC even if I was still using WinXP.  But here, my latest work and scan from 4 days ago: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/485fd5db587cb2775b552fd9ec28aa72a4cbbf315625efc7f2475b5ad3e858cd?nocache=1 4. NONE from custom L2 launchers, MU launchers, Cabal, BDO, and so on - is signed. But feel free to pay for code certifitate Yourself, I don't mind. Any server owner / admin, can sign HIS launcher once he purchuse it.  Also, who are You? You where never my customer, just decided to speak some bullshit and acuse me of selling "Shared PSD's" even tho I created it and it got shared afterwards? Check Your facts next time. Any other questions or doubts?
    • New Interlude GvE winter season coming 17/12 19:00 GMT +2 Infinite PVP events: Battlefield, CTF, domination, escort, fortress, KOTH, TvT and much more. Unique mini events: Battle Royale, Counter Strike, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Poker and many others. Boss fights: Raid in the Middle style events, beat all your opponents before trying to take on the boss! Sieges: Build up your clan and participate in an all VS all clan hall / fort / castle siege, may the best clan win! Farm Zone: Have some fun doing PvE while still keeping a lookout for PvP, just don't miss out the boss. Other systems includes: 3vs3 tournaments, rebirth, dressme, ranks, achievements, daily missions, streamer rewards & others. Features: Starting level 76 with C-grade, full GM shop and AIO buffer NPC. For more info visit our forums. Site: https://l2ovc.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC Discord: https://discord.gg/Vbu84V6Uu4
    • Hi there! This source is 1000 years old and is still on the share.   You know what I'm talking about (Ragezone, forummaxi, etc) that's why they banned you! On top of that you use shared psd files as well and claiming they are your designs....sad! Here you go Ave design... I thought that the administrators of this forum are severe with those who sell reshare stuff. I think I lost the part with - no virus detection's from your description... I wonder who buys this program from you wonders why players do not enter their server? Below is a simple scan with virustotal for l2gold updater, and from what I've noticed the owner of l2gold has put some work into his project. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1177270dc5f3c5425b7bc1ccb170b30bd7b74db45dc8323313f3b674041f82d8 As a simple player, I wonder if I would risk using such a program...   By the way, I doubt you paid £ 2000 to use Rad Studio and not have the application signed. 🙂  
    • I want to Buy one good Interface who wotk on RPG club if someone have it please write me 🙂
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