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  1. Not on all functions. To be honest i don't really remember which of them and depends what you need.
  2. Is false - positive on obfuscation
  3. I'm surprised to see you here again:d. How you doing mate? :D
  4. You spent for sure some time on it. Very nice job. Keep it up!
  5. Ofc no. Source is on sell if you want :).
  6. I announce that the source for panel is sold.
  7. sadly i cannot give you +1 anymore :( . Anyway good work :)
  8. what arguments i use for decompile and compile: decomplie: FileName = _denasc, Arguments = string.Format("-o \"{0}\" -m -f \"{1}\"", _nascDir, _sourceAi) Compile FileName = _nasc, Arguments = string.Format("-file {0}", treeViewAi.SelectedNode.Text)
  9. MXC level .. sweet . Anyway , not may show interest because most of them change just a couple of quest. Not many
  10. hmmm maybe i will adapt it to that one if some one sees useful