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I'm not new here, but i dont make or reply posts everyday. I've always took stuff from here, like NPCs, codes, etc. and now, i've decided to share some of my stuff with you guys.

As the people says: "Give to recive".

So, here's the share.


Services NPC




- This NPC allows you to:

    • Make your character noble.

    • Clean your character's PKs.

    • Change your character's name.

    • Change your clan's name.

    • Level-Up your clan.

    • Get Clan Reputation Points

    • Change your character's gender.


- Some features:

    • The NPC is fully configurable from the script (Services.java).

    • You can edit the HTMLs as you whish.

    • If the character is flagged, registered to the olympiad games, with karma or in combat, he cant use the NPC.

    • There're logs for the name changes (character and clan) located in: game/log/Services.














1- Download and put the folder named "Services" with all the files inside into: "game/data/scripts/custom".

2- Edit the file "scripts.cfg" who's in "game/data", at the end of the file, add: custom/Services/Services.java

3- Create a folder called "Services" into "game/log". (Image)

4- Create a NPC with the ID that you configured the file "Services.java". (NPC type: L2Npc)

5- Start the gameserver, loginserver, and spawn the NPC that you created.










Password: MaxCheaters







Special thanks to Tryskell and Synerge for the help.


Hope you like it!

Pd: If someone could explain me the use of the StringTokenizer for using switch between cases instead of event.equals(...), i'll appreciate it!

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A lot of work for addaption to L2JFrozen ?


You will have problems with some icons, because Interlude doesnt have those icons, and i think you wouldnt have many problems with the script. Its not difficult to adapt it to Frozen.

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belo npc amigo, vou da uma sugestão poderia fazer um com os serviços básicos como: serve info, warehouse, augmentation, clan, aliança, simbolos, castelo informe, add atributo e remover atributo, ficaria muito feliz pois nunca vi, um esquema assim em apenas um npc


My portuguese isnt very good, but i understood.

And, yes, sure, i can do that, but now i'm working on an event that i have in mind, so, it has to wait :P

Thanks btw.

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