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[Share]Unique Interlude Event [CaptureThem] !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok guys this is my second event let me explain you what it does with some images:

First of all the admin starts the event with the command //capture



Then this appears



after you register with the .join command these will appear

1) a confirmationjpG8Clq.png


2)and a html explainning the event to the player



Then  before teleportation a html appears telling him that he will get ported and he is noblessed so he won't loose buffs in the event



Then the player is ported in coliseum with blue color name changed tittle



Each time the player dies he is ported back in coliseum and gets nobless

When a player kills another player gets 1 point while killing a flag gives you 10 points at the end the player with the most points is rewarded(rewards and time of the events in configs).

After the event is finished any non killed flags are removed players ported back in giran with their normall color and the custom tittle is removed


the code link is bellow!

Leave a nice comment please :P

Both core and dp are included:



Ps1 thanks to elfo for the help!

Ps2 report any bugs so i can fix them!

:not bad: :not bad:

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It's nice for you to keep this section alive while practicing too. GJ mate, keep going :)


Btw, gz = gratz = congratulations.

Oh ty now i get it :P

Thanks an4rchy ;)

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