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[AIO]Full List With Best MMO Games+Ratings+Download Links!


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Hello to everyone,i made 1 Aio with Top MMO Games with download  Links +Developers + Ratings of every game!! Enjoy!!



Game                 Genre    Developer          Raiting





Guild Wars 2    |Fantasy    |ArenaNet            |  9.03 




PlanetSide 2    |Sci-Fi    |Sony Entertainment  |  8.47  Download


ArcheAge        |Fantasy    |XLGAMES              |  8.47  Download



The Repopulation |Sci-Fi    |Above and Beyond    |  8.36 




The Secret World |Real Life  |Funcom              |  8.31  Download


WildStar        |Sci-Fi    |Carbine              |  8.21  Download


Neverwinter      |Sci-Fi    |Cryptic Studios      |  8.18 




Embers of Caerus |Fantasy    |Forsaken Studios    |  8.17  Download


MechWarrior OnL  |Sci-fi    |Piranha Games        |  8.16 




Blade & Soul    |Fantasy    |NCSoft              |  8.08  Download


Firefall        |Sci-Fi    |Red 5 Studio        |  8.06  Download


WarHammer 40k Onl|Sci-Fi    |Vigil Games          |  8.05  Download



World Of Darkness|Horror    |CCP Games            |  8.04 




Infinity:The Ques|Sci-Fi    |Flavien Brebion      |  8.01  ]Download


Otherland        |Sci-Fi    |RealU                |  8.00  Download



Torchlight 2    |Fantasy    |Runic Games          |  8.00  Download


RaiderZ          |Fantasy    |MAIET Entertainment  |  7.99 




Twilight War:Aft |Sci-Fi    |General Computer Inc.|  7.98  Download


Path of Exile    |Fantasy    |Grinding Gear Games  |  7.98  Download


Divergence Online|Sci-FI    |StainGlass Llama Stud|  7.96  Download


Valhyre          |Sci-Fi    |Duck's Den Production|  7.95  Download


Salem            |Historical |Seatribe            |  7.94  Download


Tatsumaki:Land at|Historical |Eyes Out Entertainmen|  7.93  Download


PlaneShift      |Fantasy    |Atomic Blue Corp    |  7.93  Download


Dark Solstice    |Fantasy    |Black Masque Games  |  7.93 




SMITE            |Fantasy    |Hi-Rez Studios      |  7.93  Download


Citadel of Sorcer|Fantasy    |MMO Magic            |  7.92  Download


DayZ            |Horror    |Dean                |  7.91  Download


Antilia          |Fantasy    |Right Brain Games    |  7.91  Download



End of Nations  |Sci-Fi    |Petroglyph          |  7.87  Download


Force of Arms    |Sci-Fi    |Wardog Studio        |  7.86  Download


RenaissancE:The C|Fantasy    |3D Magicbox          |  7.83  Download


DUST 514        |Sci-FI    |CCP Games            |  7.82  Download


Dafiance        |Sci-fi    |Trion Worlds        |  7.82  Download


Priston Tale II  |Fantasy    |Priston,INC.        |  7.74  Download


Eden Eternal    |Fantasy    |X-Legend            |  7.69 




Kaos War        |Sci-Fi    |SRI Interactive      |  7.65  Download


Rift            |Fantasy    |Trion Worlds        |  7.46  Download


EverQuest II    |Fantasy    |Sony Sony Entertainme|  7.40  Download


Eve Online      |Sci-Fi    |CCP Games            |  7.40  Download


Guild Wars      |Fantasy    |ArenaNet            |  7.40 




Lord of the Rings|Fantasy    |Turbine,Inc          |  7.40  Download


Final Fandasy XI |Fantasy    |Square Entertainment |  7.40 




City Of Heroes  |Super-Hero |Paragon Studios      |  7.40  Download



Vanguard:Saga    |Fantasy    |Sony Entertainment  |  7.40  Download


Dark Age Camelot |Fantasy    |Mythic Entertaiment  |  7.40  Download


Fallen Earth    |Sci-Fi    |Fallen entertaiment  |  7.40  Download



Atlantica Online |Fantasy    |NDoors InterActive  |  7.39  Download


Ryzonm          |Fantasy    |Winch Entertaiment  |  7.39  Download


Guild Wars Fancti|Fantasy    |ArenaNet            |  7.39  Download



Warhammer Online |Fantasy    |Mythich Entertaiment |  7.39  Download


Perpetuum        |Sci-Fi    |Avatar  Creators    |  7.39  Download



City of Villains |Super-Hero |Paragon Studios      |  7.36 




League of Legend |Fantasy    |Riot Games          |  7.35 




DC Universe Onlin|Super Hero |Sony Entertaiments  |  7.33  Download


Vindictus        |Fantasy    |devCAT              |  7.32  Download


Guild Wars NightF|Fantasy    |ArenaNet            |  7.32  Download


Dungeon&Dragon On|Fantasy    |ArenaNet            |  7.32  Download


Lineage 2        |Fantasy    |NCSoft Austin        |  7.31 




EverQuest        |Fantasy    |Sony Entertaiments  |  7.29  Download


Ultima Online    |Fantasy    |EA Mythic            |  7.29  Download


Anarchy Online  |Sci-Fi    |Funcom              |  7.29  Download


Wizard101        |Fantasy    |KingsIsle Entertaimen|  7.27  Download


World of WarCraft|Fantasy    |Blizzard Entertaiment|  7.27  Download


TERA            |Fantasy    |Bluehole Studio      |  7.26 




Global Agenda    |Sci-Fi    |HI-Rez Studio        |  7.24  Download



Asheron's Call  |Fantasy    |Turbine Inc.        |  7.24  Download


PlanetSide      |Sci-FI    |Sony Entertaiments  |  7.20  Download


Age of Conan:Unch|Fantasy    |Funcom              |  7.20  Download


Transformers Univ|Sci-Fi    |Jagex Games          |  7.19  Download


Xsyon Earth 2012 |Fantasy    |Notorious Game      |  7.17  Download


Aion            |Fantasy    |NCSoft              |  7.12  Download


Champions Online |Super-hero |Cryptic Studios      |  7.11  Download


Talisman Online  |Fantasy    |Miracle Castle      |  7.10  Download


WWII Online BTLG |Historical |Cornered Rat        |  7.09  Download


Vendetta Online  |Sci-Fi    |Guild Software      |  7.08  Download


Contient        |Fantasy    |Webzen Inc.          |  7.06  Download


ROSE Online      |Fantasy    |Gravity INC.        |  7.05 




Trickster Online |Fantasy    |NTREEV Soft.        |  7.05  Download



Voyage Century ON|Historical |Snail Games          |  7.04  Download


Pirates Burning  |Historical |Flying Lab Software  |  7.03  Download



CABAL Online    |Fantasy    |ESTsoft              |  7.01  Download



Free Realms      |Fantasy    |Sony Entertaiments  |  7.00  Download


Regnum Online    |Fantasy    |ngd Studio          |  6.99  Download



Rune of Magic    |Fantasy    |Runewalker entr      |  6.98  Download



Navy Field      |Hystorical |SD Entertaiments    |  6.95  Download



Eternal Lands    |Fantasy    |Radu Privantu        |  6.94  Download


Sword 2:Revelatio|Fantasy    |IMC Games            |  6.93  Download



Rakion          |Fantasy    |Softnyx              |  6.92  Download


Rapplez          |Fantasy    |NFlavor              |  6.91  Download


Phantasy Stars  |Sci-FI    |Sonic Team          |  6.90  Download



AfterWorld      |Sci-Fi    |AfterWorld.ru        |  6.87  Download


APB:Reloaded    |Real Life  |Reloaded Productions |  6.85  Download


MapleStory      |Fantasy    |Wizet Corporation    |  6.83  Download


RF Online        |Sci-FI    |CCR,INC.            |  6.82  Download


Ragnarok Online  |Fantasy    |Gravity INC.        |  6.81  Download


Flyff            |Fantasy    |Gala Lab            |  6.80  Download


Minions of Mirth |Fantasy    |Prairie Games        |  6.64  Download


Wurm Online      |Fantasy    |OneToFree AB        |  6.60  Download


Forsaken World  |Fantasy    |Perfect World Beijing|  6.60  Download


4Story          |Fantasy    |Zemi Entertaiments  |  6.60 




Myst Online URU  |Fantasy    |Cyan Worlds          |  6.58  Download


Dekaron          |Fantasy    |GameHi              |  6.57  Download


Scions Of Fate  |Fantasy    |NetGame              |  6.56  Download


FreeWorld:Apocaly|Fantasy    |Net Charger/MidSurce |  6.55  Download


WonderKing      |Fantasy    |Ryu and Soft        |  6.52 




Darkfall        |Fantasy    |Aventurine SA        |  6.51  Download


Lunia:Record Of L|Fantasy    |allm                |  6.50  Download


Priston Tale    |Fantasy    |Priston INC.        |  6.48  Download


The Elder Scrolls|Fantasy    |Zenimax Studios      |  6.47  Download


Eudemons Online  |Fantasy    |TQ Digital          |  6.45  Download


Aika            |Fantasy    |JoyImpact            |  6.44  Download


Silkroad Online  |Fantasy    |Joymax              |  6.43  Download


9Dragons        |Fantasy    |Zerodin  Games      |  6.42  Download



Atriarch        |Sci-Fi    |World Fusion        |  6.41  Download


Shaiya          |Fantasy    |Nexon                |  6.40  Download


Reguiem:Memento  |Horror    |Gravity INC          |  6.39  Download


A Tale in Desert |Historical |eGenesis            |  6.38  Download


Pirate of Caribbe|Fantasy    |Disney INC          |  6.33  Download


StartQuest      |Sci-Fi    |Castle Thotn INC    |  6.32  Download


Uncharted Waters |Real Life  |TECmo koei          |  6.30  Download


Conguer Online  |Fantasy    |NetDragon WeBSoft    |  6.29  Download


Shattered Galaxy |Sci-Fi    |KRU INC              |  6.27  Download


Gods and Heroes  |Historical |Heatwave INC        |  6.20  Download


MU Online        |Fantasy    |WebZen INC          |  6.20  Download


Diablo 3        |Fantasy    |Blizzard Entertaiment|  6.20  Download


Metin 2          |Fantasy    |Ymir Entertaiments  |  6.19  Download


Face of Mankid  |Sci-Fi    |Dublex Systems      |  6.18  Download


Star Sonata 2    |Sci-Fi    |Star Sonata INC      |  6.16  Download


KAL Online      |Sci Fi    |Inixsoft            |  6.15 




Mortal Online    |Fantasy    |Star Vault          |  6.10  Download



RAN Online      |Real Life  |min communications  |  6.08 




Ashen Empires    |Fantasy    |LockPick Entertaiment|  6.00  Download

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    • Promotional banners:  
    • We have added few new features for Second Edition of L2Etina. Check them out:   While streaming L2Etina, you will now receive L2Coins automatically.   Dwarves who have set private workshop, now automatically sell Crystallization to nearby players. For this service, they receive 10% of created crystals.   Before closing game, you will now see amount of earned experience, adena, total play time and acquired items.   You can now check Ranking of current and previous edition. This window can be found in Main Menu.   Party Window now have a special spot, showing if member has Noble Blessing.   Players from South America will be able to connect to the server by proxy.   Players who have supported first edition by donation, will now 2 weeks of free premium.   We have rewritten description of every buff, so they are now clear and handy. Vote rewards will be different for new edition, but exact items are not decided yet.   When spoil is successfull, you will now see special popup window. When you target monster who has been spoiled, you will see Spoil as a debuff.   Buff Store now have possibility to refuse to buff someone. Retail version of party matching was added back. Offline private stores now automatically disappear after 5 days. There are plenty more improvements and fixes, like ability to disable skill bar, multiple fixes to epic bosses, adjustments to aggro.
    • First of all thank you for fast answer. I have changed internal as you said but didn't work sir.
    • The difference isn't paying upfront or at the end of each week. The major difference is that paying clans to join, leads to leaders making random weak sides who play just for money and creates an extremely toxic fake competition in-game (i.e. l2 dex, e-global, valhalla and this kind of servers). Paying clans just to join absolutely kills the rivalry between them as there are no real losers and winners. Everyone gets paid at the end of every week so who cares right ?   Rewarding the winners with cash gives a massive motive to the leaders to create strong sides and try their best to win without giving any advantage to any clan (unlike paying people to join and basically giving them free premiums and whatnot). In this case, there will always be losers and winners and the rivalry will be kept alive.   I hope that clears up the massive difference between the 2 scenarios. Look at all those big russian servers. No1 makes fraps flaming about which side is better. Everyone cares about daily 9v9s or organized ones. There is no clan identity anymore because leaders simply don't care. They have been so detached from the clan's identity that most of the times the leader's CP holds a different name to the side's. This is a very important point to think about. 
    • change the server.ini  InternalHostname =     and try
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