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[SHARE]Server Interlude, Rl2jsa 7100

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Present for you server Interlude, Rl2jsa  7100




! improved

+ added

- removed


+ Elixir of *, works as in retail, reuse and system message

+ All those interlude skills, except symbol type skills, added enchant ability to them

+ NPC Buffer, normal and easy to configure (npcid 104000 as default)

+ NPC ServerHelper, like ClassMaster, but works directly with ClassId, retail (nocid 105000 as default)

! Rewritten exist skills for more compability

! New HTML syntax. Full protection against RequestServerBypass exploits.

! Mulia, now can sell Apella Armors (as it was, but now correctly)

! Friendlist ALT+Y -> Friends, you can see them if you do not have any friends

! Formulas variation, lots, now attack speed with bow as in retail, nomore stupd reuses with them.

+ PcCafe Score system, later I'll insert them more deeply.

+ Rewritten zones, respawn points at the towns now are different, like retail. Later I'll add all of them.

+ Protection against hlapex, l2phx. "packets.rsf"

! Moved Npc AI system from original rabbit to SFC

! Protection from CommunityBoard, fixed GMShop. Sometimes server blocks requests from CommuntyBoard :p.

+ Added Luxury Telepoerter (npcid 106000 as default)

+ server archive size lifted.

! Rewritten almost all server code to improve server performance, but use more memory.

+ Improved GMshop for GM players. Contains all interlude items, categorised.

+ Moved from original rabbit NpcBubleEn for "moveable" and "saying" npcs.

+ New hair accessories with special abilities, can be purchased at NPCbuffer for PCCafe points.

+ Moved DropEngine from original rabbit.

+ Added moveable npcs in Talking Island and Elven Village.

+ DecayEn to help npc to stay in the l2world as dead for specified time "decaytask.rsf".

+ New character creation system "playerinit.rsf", using this instead of sql tables.

+ Added dynamic system to edit character levelup stats, including max level "playerlvlup.rsf"

+ More powerfull GM system "rsf/gmaccess", character's "AccessLevel" deleted. Also more easily configuring, new privelegies

! fixed all bugs that I found in previuos updates.

! castle sieges

! few bugs in server core

- bypass protection due to few bugs.

! fixed few quests

+ skill core update

+ htms


and more





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Well thx for this i want to test it though but i cant download it .. can u please upload it somewhere else .. like rapidshare ...


I click Скачать here and its for gold download and free charge nothing happens .. ?????????


EDIT : We are sorry, but all downloading slots for your country are busy.


LOl ?? Please upload somewhere else , thx!

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Vent00za it has also english translation the site...Just press the english flag in the Left+up side of your browser...But yeah We can't download it...It says that all download slots ar reserved....

Edit:Can you tell us whose work is this???

Is it yours???Someone else???And what is the cd image you show us???  ??? :P

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Seems to be a good pack...

I will test it soon.Thx for sharing with us and keep up :P



It will be nice if you will give us a serial number cos i cant install your datapack :-s

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On 6/21/2008 at 7:53 PM, Senfador said:

hey i tried to run it and dont work =( its i nice pack =( i need it!!


2nd : -1 karma



Edited by Vision
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Could someone write a brief instruction about creating a character with GM/admin privileges?

+ More powerfull GM system "rsf/gmaccess", character's "AccessLevel" deleted. Also more easily configuring, new privelegies

I don't get it  :)



Ok, I figured it out.

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