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  1. any way to make it work on official?
  2. add me whatever number you want
  3. Hi guys. I want a balanced pvp server ... Cleint :Freya. -Emrys
  4. Gemisame anorimous (dn leo ton Kяaσh) Locked
  5. castle points will be a custum item? If yes pm m but I wont make you the client side.
  6. Nc work. Is it created with ps?
  7. oute si allos dn 8a einai blogspot...
  8. perimeno mexri na bro to kalitero... Thelo kati eksipno
  9. psaxno ena eliniko onoma gia ena blog pou etimazw .[to onoma na einai geniko] Opios me boithisi tou dino ola mou t adena :D
  10. Who stickied it...? De-stickied... Reason: Clean Up sticky topics.. && no reason to have a hack as sticky...