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  1. Server is really good.I joined before ~2weeks and I have already farmed my Pride Gear. Sometimes server population is low, but most of the time there are many people farming & PvPing. The only disadvantage I can name is that GMs do not communicate too much with the community. I know personally how it is to own a server or being a GM... People spam a lot and often report false bugs just for their own advantage, but still communication could be better. Some simple suggestions to improve communication and other stuff: -Post detailed changelogs (There are many times that some stuff changes and the community is not notified) -Give exact dates of huge updates, maintenance etc. (You announced about a big update before some days,but we don't know when to expect it.) -Bug fixing/Balance improvements could be quicker. (You did a great job with this project and I really admire it,but I think you need let's say a datapack dev to take care of the "simple" stuff. Balance is the most difficult problem in c6 servers, not to mention that with this amount of custom items it seems to be a problem without solution! I understand that all this will take time. -"The Pride Problem": Yeah,I just invented it and I am sure you can make guesses of what it is about. L2AeroGaming is still "new", but what will happen after a period of time? 70% of the players will get hold of top-equipment. Farm is still considered hard (although you made it a lot easier :not bad: ). New players will just emoquit. I can see that by delaying some items to be purchased and having fair, expensive donations you give a solution to the problem, but that can't last forever. A good solution to that is to make farm easier by time to time(ex.Every month make some small changes to the droplists making it easier for newbies.). Ingame : Necrolyte Thanks for reading all this stuff and I hope you appreciate it.
  2. Everything you reported has been fixed except Dominator skills that will be fixed soon. You can get online and check!
  3. Amazing service,fast response.I went up to 95 pretty fast and the prices are really cheap. I totally recommend him and will recently buy from him again!
  4. First of all,thanks for reporting. We know that there are many bugs on the server and we are trying really hard to fix them. Everything will be fixed in 1-2 days. And no there were not people with Apella in the first 10 minutes.If you mean 1 hour,yes I agree!Farm is pretty easy,it is a PvP Server not a farm forever one. Today,Titan will be fixed and we will look into everything you just reported.
  5. New Updates Tomorrow : -Fix Some Infinity Weapons Stats -Balance Classes(Especially Titans and Fist-guys) I hope Hopzone and Topzone approves us soon! Today we reached 50ppl online(1st Day) We are sorry for some bugs that occured and we are working hard to fix everything(Lots of things got fixed) If you get a Critical Error when adding buffs to schemes,here is a quick fix until we fix the problem: Create 2 schemes and separate the buffs.(It seems that it can't take more than a specific number of them) Best Regards
  6. You can just tell us. Server Restart 00:00 GMT+2 Fixes : Apella Armors Scheme Buffer Drops Thanks for reporting.
  7. Server is now Online! Thanks for waiting and enjoy the game! Patch : Download Don't forget to run L2.exe as Administrator.
  8. Of course!We want to keep the gameplay balanced for everyone. Hope you'll Enjoy!
  9. Active GMs,No Lag,Protection. Good PvP Reward System & Balance. We are open to suggestions so every player's opinion will be considered. Also the server has many events with good rewards! Well Apella Lv1 can be farmed normally by a Solo Player too. Most of the items can be farmed by Adena except Apella Armor lv2,which needs Adena and the Apella RaidBoss Jewel. Well if you insist playing only solo in our server you can actually trade it with someone who has dropped it. Also,I suppose there wll be many groups trying to kill Apella Bosses! Check our forum and participate in the first Forum Event! Click me EDIT : Just to let everyone know : Our Project is based on L2J aCis
  10. Infinity (Hero) Weapons are the custom ones.But you can find the Monster Shields! Server has a good DDOS Protection,but I won't share more info on this. We have our server advertised in some sites/forums.Also we sent approximately 140k e-mails.
  11. You can obtain RB Jewels with Gold Bars too. For Apella Lv2 Armor you need to kill a boss. Thanks.We are waiting you too! There will be many updates after server launch too.Also,we are open to your suggestions.We would be happy to hear our community. EDIT : Our Forum is Ready! Join our Forum
  12. This system is made so you will get PvP/PK if he comes again.It is a small interval to prevent PvP Feeding. + It does not apply to PvP Area! Have Fun! I posted it in many forums.We are currently waiting Hopezone/Topzone. I also invited some clans.Thanks for your advice. Join us!